The Tales of Kyle Esparar

Chapter Two: Serramonte Home for Disadvantaged Youth

Story Co-written by Timmy Short & The Story Lover

Authors Note:

Characters from A Subconscious Dream are used with the permission of The Story Lover, all characters from Memories are used with the consent of ACFan. All other characters are used with the permission of 'Goos' and Neal. (Only with the payment of a huge bribe of Dark Chocolate and 'Cinmon Crumbles'. I highly suggest that you read Chapter Twenty Three of Memories Book Three before reading this chapter.

Kyle was just on his way to his home office with his much-needed cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. The sudden sound of the unexpected bell caused Kyle to nearly drop his precious cup of coffee. It wasn't the bell's sound that startled him it was the fact that he and his kids had only been in their new home for a few days. His kids were downstairs cleaning and setting up the game room for some special project. Kyle carefully set his coffee down on a coaster on the nearest table and then headed to the front door. The doorbell rang again and as this was a fairly large old house there were several speakers scattered throughout the house. So the doorbell rang throughout the house. "I'll get it," Kyle announced while thinking, 'Why haven't the kids come upstairs to see who is calling. That Is really strange?' To say that Kyle was absolutely stunned when he opened the door would be the understatement of the century. When Kyle opened the door there stood his nephews Timmy, Ricky and at least half of the 'Rugrat Tribe'.

Before Kyle had a chance to ask Timmy why he and his friends were there Timmy spoke, "Hi Unca Kyle, Granma said that you can help us, help Auntie Ginger for Christmas. Will you?" Kyle had to think a moment before he could respond, "Ahh okay Timmy, why don't you and your friends come on in? I will call one of the kids up to take you where they are while Timmy can explain to me what help you guys need and how he knows about Aunt Ginger. But come on in while I call Dennis, okay?" The 'Tribe' all answered at the same, "Okay Uncle Kyle we'll wait inside for Dennis." As the 'Tribe' came through the door Kyle stopped one of them as he tried to sneak by, "Gavin, what are you doing with all of the rugrats?" "Hi Uncle Kyle, they kidnapped me they said they wanted someone older but not too old and they elected me," Gavin was grinning as he answered Kyle. Kyle turned to the wall mounted intercom and paged Dennis, "Dennis can you come up to the front door you have some friends waiting up here for you?" "Sure Dad be right there and tell Timmy he's late!" Dennis let go of the switch before Kyle could formulate a response. Not more than a minute later Dennis came barreling up the stairs and into the entryway. He then waved "Hi Dad, Bye Dad," and then he grabbed Ricky's hand and then disappeared as fast as he had appeared. Timmy turned and looked at his Uncle Kyle and said with an ear to ear grin, "Kids these days," and then started giggling. Timmy regained his composure a few moments later and then spoke, "Uncle Kyle could we please go to your office, we need to use your terminal for some Official Clan Business?" Kyle was absolutely stunned by the abrupt change in Timmy's demeanour, he was used to the older Clan kids switching from teenage to adult in the blink of an eye, however, he had never seen one of the younger kids do that. "Okay, Timmy we can do that as long as you explain why you need to use my terminal instead of yours while we head to my office. How did you even know that I had an office at home, to begin with?" Just then something else that Timmy had said popped into Kyle's head, "Kyle how do you know about Aunt Ginger?" "Timmy responded "Gramma and Uncle Brat and hurry we got lots and lots to do."Shaking his head and thinking, 'What have I got myself into?'

Kyle and Timmy arrived at Kyle's Office, Kyle sat in his chair and went to activate his terminal but Timmy was way ahead of him and had it up and running and had quite a few toy and electronic websites already loaded. "Okay, Timmy before we go any further you need to explain what we are doing why we are doing it and what does Aunt Ginger have to do with it!" Kyle stated firmly. "Sorry, Uncle Kyle but we don't have a lot of time Gramma talked to Aunt Ginger cause some idiot counting person told Aunt Ginger No! When Aunt Ginger argued with the counting person he called Gramma complaining about her and Gramma said you would edumacate him. Gramma says he is a strict rule follower and she said he is black and white, she said you would know what she meant." 
While Kyle was trying to figure out his next step he remembered how Aunt Ginger became the Manager of the Serramonte Home for Disadvantaged Youth.

It was three days after Kyle had rescued his wonderful kids when he got a call from his new boss Teri Short informing him that he was now the F.Y.S. Liasion for all of the Children's Homes in the Northwest Region and that he reported directly to her. Before Kyle had a chance to say no and ask Teri what she meant he was informed that he needed to pick a Manager for his old 'Home' as the person running it for the last few days needed to get back to Orlando and her family. Kyle dutifully replied, "Yes Mom," and disconnected the call as he realized that he wasn't going to change her mind. As the terminal cleared he immediately realized that he knew the perfect person for the job. Kyle got up and straightened up the uniform he was getting used to wearing and then headed to Aunt Ginger's Coffee Shop Emporium. Aunt Ginger whose name actually was Virginia Hooper was an angel of a woman in her late fifties, early sixties. To her friends and those that visited/lived in her shop she was 'Aunt Ginger'. Her kids had all moved out of the house and her husband Justin had died a few years ago. Ginger soon became bored without someone to cook and care for and her world famous Snickerdoodles became stale because there was no one to eat them. She was out shopping one day bored out of her mind when she came across this run down coffee shop in a strip mall located down the street from a high school and just coincidentally from the Serramonte Home for Disadvantaged Youth. She looked through the dirty windows and from what she could see it was just what she needed. She took out her flip phone and called the number on the glass storefront. After making an appoint for the morrow with the real estate agent then called her banker and transferred some money from one of her investment accounts to her checking account. As she headed home she happened to notice that the storefront next to Coffee Shop was vacant as well. When she got home she made a very large batch of Snickerdoodle Dough and then put it into the garage refrigerator, she then made up several dozen sandwiches of multiple varieties and put them in the same place. If her plan worked out those would be her secret weapons. She then grabbed a couple of sheets of graph paper and began drawing up some floor plans. Once that was done she called up an old friend of hers named Sadie that just happened to have a large eclectic collection of 1950's Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture.Ginger planned to make the place feel more like a kitchen or dining room than a retail shop. She planned to have a small curio type shop and serve cookies and sandwiches. She also was going to have WiFi installed with some type of Net Nanny Software installed as well. Her meeting with the Real Estate Agent was an unqualified success she was able to lease the old Coffee Shop and the vacant storefront next door for a lot less than the asking price and she also was able to arrange first refusal for the shop on the other side of the old Coffee Shop. Ginger next headed to the local Ye Olde Print Shoppe and pick up her help wanted flyers She then posted them near the high school and for some unknown reason, she also posted them near the Children's Home. Ginger's plans for the renovations worked like a charm, she got lots of muscle help from the high school boys and lots of cleaning help from their girlfriends or girl-friends and she even got a few of the older kids including Kyle from the Children's Home to help. She paid them the going rate and fed/bribed them with Snickerdoodles and Sandwiches. With all the help she was able to open a full week ahead of schedule. The Emporium soon became the favourite hangout for teens, pre-teens and even some college-age kids. Kyle soon 'lived' there the atmosphere was warm and cozy and Aunt Ginger soon knew everyone's name, like and dislikes. She also kept her rolling pin handy for anyone that got out of line. No one ever knew if she ever had to use it. Since there were so many vulnerable kids of all ages adults without their kids were subjected to intense scrutiny by not only Aunt Ginger but any in the Emporium at the time. The Emporium became such a safe haven for kids that the local police department assigned one of their younger vice squad officers to help keep an eye on the kids' safety. Garret Hooker soon became as much an institution in the Emporium as Kyle and Ginger herself. He would pitch in behind the counter when Ginger or her helpers got in a jam. The kids that frequented the Emporium found him easy to talk to whenever they needed or just wanted someone to talk to. Once the word got out that Garret was usually there or in the neighbourhood most of the perverts that would normally frequent a place like the Emporium stayed away. Kyle himself found the Emporium a nice place to do his homework and meet new friends. He was surprised when some of the high school teachers started dropping in and giving free tutoring or just chatting with their students. Aunt Ginger's Coffee Shop Emporium was a welcome safe haven to all. It took Kyle quite a bit of convincing to get Ginger to accept the job. Kyle had to pull out his secret weapon and sent a quick text to Garret. Garret walked in just as Ginger began to crumble and offered to take over the Emporium and keep everything the same as long as Ginger would keep the Emporium stocked with Snickerdoodles.

Just as Kyle was going to interrogate Timmy his PADD beeped, taking the PADD out its pouch he began reading the message and it explained everything that Timmy had cryptically said. It seems that some Petty Officer in the accounting department of Kyle's division applied his training lessons instead of department guidelines. Ginger had put in a request for funds to purchase more clothes for her Home's residents and some new furniture to replace some that were unsafe. The requisition exceeded the budget for the home and rather than approving the requisition and then aking his supervisor to shift funds as per department policy he flatly denied the requisition. If that wasn't enough he refused to pass the override request up to Kyle as he thought that Kyle was too young and too low of a rank as a Lt. to run the division. So being the blond that he was when Ginger called him because he denied the override request he called Teri! Teri was appalled that she was called over such a simple matter and the fact that he was calling to complain about Ginger calling her 'a crazy deranged woman' didn't help matters at all. Teri then reprimanded him for not following division guidelines and not going through the proper channels ie. Kyle. She then forcefully reminded him that the division budget guidelines were just that guidelines and not regulations. Kids always came first over budgets and that was non-negotiable. When Teri informed the idiot that Kyle had personally rescued five children and was the person responsible for closing down the majority of the homes mismanaged by the CCCE and was considered a hero throughout F.Y.S. and Starfleet as well, there was a long moment of silence. Before the idiot could respond Teri informed him that she had just appointed Kyle North American Liason for Children's Services. She then informed the idiot that Kyle was now a full Commander and that he would personally be explaining that guidelines are grey and not black and white. Teri then announced that the idiot was no longer a Petty Officer but now an EC1 and that he was lucky he was still in Starfleet. Before he could respond Teri informed him that he was lucky that she was dealing with him and not Kyle. Because Kyle was, even more, protective of at-need kids then she was and she was a momma bear when it came to kids. That's the gist of it other than the fact that Timmy talked to Ginger after I had called her to let her know that her funds were on the way. Timmy and the Rugrat Tribe want to give all the kids at the Home a Christmas unlike any they had ever experienced, especially those that had never experienced a Christmas before. Also, Timmy's Credit Card has more than enough funds to take care of every kid at least ten times. This one is in your name so there won't be any trouble with the merchants. Have Fun, Mom. Kyle thought to himself, 'At least I have a semblance of an idea of what is about to happen.' "Okay, Timmy I think I know what is going on how about we get this show on the road?" Timmy then paged Ricky on his comm badge and Ricky joined them a few moments later with his PADD.

Once Ricky arrived in Kyles office Timmy began explaining what they wanted to do. "Uncle Kyle, this is what we wanna do, Gavin and Gramma helped plan this for us. I am gonna show you a website and then you are going to look at the toys until I say buy. Then Ricky will make a note on his PADD thingy who got what. You pay for the pwesent and then I ask Skirk on the D'kyr to transport the pwesent here. Gavin's PADD is linked to Ricky's when the pwesent gets downstairs from Skirk your kids and my Tribe will wrap them. Can we do that Uncle Kyle? Timmy asked Kyle with his universe famous puppy dog eyes, which had Ricky giggling and Kyle trying not to laugh. "Okay, Timmy I think we can do that are your ready?" Kyle, responded to Timmy still trying not to laugh. So that's what happened for the next hour or so, Timmy would call out a website to the terminal and then what department, Kyle would then scroll through the items until Ricky or Timmy would say 'that one'. Sometimes they would shout quantities and sometimes different colours, all Kyle had to do was approve the purchases which was fairly easy once he waved the credit card in front of the camera/scanner. Then all he had to do was enter his access code. He only had to scan the card once, several times Timmy had to enter his access code, as well as they, were purchasing multiple items that exceeded the floor limit for a non approved credit card transaction. Only once did they have a problem when some old battleaxe at an upscale girls clothing store challenged their right to use the card. Timmy then hit some keys on the terminal and suddenly the terminal went from an F.Y.S. Terminal to a Clan Short Vulcan Diplomatic Terminal. Neither Kyle nor Timmy said another word they both pulled out their Clan Short ID's and Kyle pulled out his Starfleet one as well. The transactions went through and the screen cleared. "That was fun Uncle Kyle, did you see the look on her face? I have never seen anyone's face get so scrunchy and change into so many colours. We should go back there only this time have William and Duke place the orders." Timmy and Ricky were giggling the whole time Timmy was questioning his Uncle. "By the way where are your Eagles, they usually don't let you two out of their sight?" Kyle asked as he tried to see if he could hear the eagles. "They are downstairs supavising, Uncle Brat built them perches down there. Right now they are trying to untie some bows that Meagan had placed on them. Meagan thought they looked cute but the Eagles' thought that they looked dorky. Ricky checked his list twice making sure that everyone had at least one present for everyone and two extra presents for a boy and a girl in case someone joined the Home at the last minute. "Uncle Kyle we are finished now we need to go see if the Tribe needs help wrapping presents." Announced Ricky as he headed out the door and downstairs. Timmy and Kyle looked at each other and at the same time, "Do we gotta?" They both broke down laughing and had to hold on to each other so they wouldn't fall over. They then headed downstairs to see what was going on. They only reached the living room when they were met by what seemed to be an army of presents floating their way to the front door. In reality, the presents just hid the kids that were carrying them, the wrapping looked perfect. Rex caught sight of them and said, "Dad can you unlock the Hummer and the trailer for us and where are Uncle Brat and Uncle Billy Ray they are supposed to be here and helping us?" As they say from the mouths of babes, the front door opened and in walked Brat and Billy Ray. "Brat, what Hummer and what trailer and why would I know where the keys are?" A now very perplexed Kyle asked his friend an mentor. "Kyle, I told you several days ago that you were getting an official vehicle, and Timmy and Teri told me that you needed a trailer so I rented one for you. Congratulations on your promotion and the keys are hanging on the key rack where they are supposed to be. Now, why aren't you helping to carry the presents out to the vehicles?" Brat answered Kyle and then headed downstairs before Kyle could begin to answer. Timmy followed Brat and Billy Ray downstairs while Kyle went to get the keys but he was cut off by his son Rex, "Never mind Dad I already got the keys and unlocked everything and I even hung them back up in the same place." Rex then headed downstairs and Kyle decided to follow him, what he saw in the basement simply amazed him. Everything was clean and put away and the presents were all lined up on trestle tables ready to be carried upstairs, there were even signs on the heavy presents that said 'heavy adults only'. Everything else was put away in its correct place and there wasn't a shred of wrapping paper lying around anywhere. Kyle grabbed a present and then headed upstairs and when he got outside to the vehicles there was Gavin and his Princess directing traffic, Meagan was telling people where to pack the smaller presents while Gavin was directing those kids packing presents in the trailer and he was doing an awesome job. You couldn't slide a piece of paper between the presents, none of them were going to come loose during the drive over to the Home in the morning. Within a few minutes, everything was finished and the vehicles locked up and before Kyle could say thank you the Tribe was heading to the dimensional door and home Timmy turned and waved said, "Goodbye Uncle Kyle we will see you in the morning," and they were gone.

Aunt Ginger had decided to make homemade chicken and noodles for the home as a Christmas Eve Dinner surprise. She got up earlier than normal and started making the noodles so they would be ready to use for dinner. Unfortunately, her timing seemed to be a little bit off as Jacques François Michelin the self-acclaimed Master Chef who was the chief cook at the home arrived just as Ginger started hanging her freshly made noodles to dry. He saw the flour everywhere and also saw all kinds of vertical surfaces that Ginger was going hang the noodles from. He started screaming that she had no right to be in his kitchen and that if she didn't get out and take her mess with her immediately he was going to complain to the management. Ginger, just kept on hanging the noodles and when the blowhard ran out of breath she cut him off at the knees. Jack Francis Tire get off your imaginary French horse and shut your mouth for a minute. You seem to forget that you work for me and not the other way around and according to the schedule you aren't supposed to be here for another hour. So get out of here and go get a cup of coffee at the Denny's I rescued you from. When you get back at the correct time the kitchen will be cleaner than when I started! After Christmas, we will discuss your continued employment as you still haven't started training any of the kids how to cook. Before you start, you know that was part of your employment package. Now get out before I throw you out, Jacques decided to leave before Ginger blew up or maybe it was the fact that she now had a marble rolling pin in her hand. Ginger quickly went to work hanging the noodles to dry, before she got halfway through one of the residents Tommy came in asking what she was doing and volunteering to help. "Okay go wash your hands and arms thoroughly and grab an apron and then you can help." With Tommy's help, the chore was over much sooner than it would have been. With Tommy's help, Ginger moved all of the hanging racks to an empty room to dry. "Thanks for your help Tommy and if you like tonight you can help me bake some Snickerdoodles? ('Cinmon Crumbles' for the uninitiated.) As Ginger asked Tommy his face lit up like Rudolph's Nose © © (" Words by Robert L. May, 1947, music by Johnny Marks ") . "I can really help make Snickerdoodles, can I really, they smell and taste so good. I want to help and can Jonah and Neal, we will be really good and wash our hands and arms all the way to our elbows?"© © (" Chowhound ") Tommy implored giving Ginger his version of adorable puppy dog eyes.

Bright and early the next morning the doorbell rang as Kyle was going out to get the morning paper. As he opened the door he saw everyone from yesterday all dressed as elves. "Hi Uncle Kyle this is for you," Timmy handed Kyle the package he had been carrying. Ricky then asked, "Uncle Kyle where is Uncle Brat I have his uniform here as well?" As Ricky finished his question Billy Ray came walking out of the dimensional door wearing a red elf's costume. "Kyle hurry up and get dressed if I have to wear this silly costume so do you." Kyle then opened the package that Timmy had given him and it was a costume exactly like Billy Ray's. Of course, the look on Kyle's face caused all of the kids to start giggling and laughing at Kyle. Brat came out the door to see what all the commotion was about and Gavin handed him a bag containing his costume and then Calen who had come along for crowd control stepped up handed Brat a pillow and then in a calm and cool voice said, "You will need this Santa," and then ducked behind Gavin. Meagan came up to Brat and told him, "Uncle Brat you will make a better Santa then Daddy," she then ran and hid behind Billy Ray. Meagan came up to Brat and told him, "Uncle Brat you will make a better Santa then Daddy," she then ran and hid behind Bill Ray. Kyle and Brat quickly changed and then everyone either got into the Hummer or into the Starfleet van that was parked out front. The ride to the 'Home' was interesting, to say the least, all of the kids and even the adults were infected with the Christmas Spirit. Each vehicle had all of the windows rolled down and were singing Christmas Carols at their top of their lungs. Both vehicles were getting lots of looks from pedestrians and even some drivers. The carols made the trip seem very short when it actually took twenty minutes. Once the vehicles arrived at the 'Home' everyone piled out still singing and then Gavin and Meagan started directing traffic in reverse. The human conveyor belt was only halfway up the stairs when the doors opened and kids came flying out to see what the noise was. There were lots of oohs and ahhs and even a few hi Mr. Kyle's thrown in. Ginger came out and saw Meagan and Gavin directing traffic and told half of the kids to go help Gavin and the other half to help Meagan. It only took everyone about five minutes to get the vehicles unloaded and all the presents stacked under the tree in the multipurpose room. All of the 'Home's' residents were in shock at what was happening, Aunt Ginger had only told them that they were going to have visitors not that they were bringing presents. Within minutes everyone in the multipurpose room was singing Christmas Carols and causing the walls to shimmy to the sound of jubilant kids' voices. The 'Tribe' and Kyle's kids spread out among the residents and soon friendships were being formed. Ginger and Kyle let things go on for a little while longer and then Ginger went to the stage and grabbed the mic and waved Brat to join her on the stage. While Brat was heading to the stage the 'Tribe' and Kyle's kids headed to the tree in preparation for handing out presents. "Okay everyone quiet down, I have a few words to say and then I will let Santa introduce his helpers..." Ginger had to pause as applause from all of her kids was deafening. "Okay, most of you know that I had some difficulties with a bean counter over your broken beds and torn clothes, well a little redhead overheard the call and decided that he and some of his friends were going to help us so that all of you get the Christmas you deserve! So without further ado here is Santa Claus." She then handed the mic to Santa. "Hohoho, and Merry Christmas to all of you, My lead elf you all know as Mr. Kyle... his name is really Kyle Esparar and his assistant is his good friend Billy Ray and of course Kyle's kids, Rex, Dennis, Meagan, and last but not least Kyle's newest son Misa. The rest of the kids are from Clan Short and most of them belong to what is lovingly called the Rugrat Tribe led by the redheaded wonder Timmy Short and his shadow Ricky and their two feathered companions are William and Duke respectively." On cue, William and Duke let out a screech and bowed their heads. Their 'adult' minder is Gavin from Rigel VII", Brat saw that he was losing his audience so he stopped the introductions. "Okay, you guys can get the rest of the names after we finish, Aunt Ginger the list please." Ginger then handed Santa a scroll. Brat took the scroll from Ginger except he only grabbed the top and the bottom dropped to the stage and began unrolling until it was about ten feet long. "Oh wow, that is a whole lot of names I guess we had better get started." All of the kids started laughing and someone in the crowd yelled out, "Santa hurry up and start reading before we grow as old as you!" Brat, ignored his heckler and spoke again, "I am going to read off a name and when I do please come up and stand in front of the stage. When I call your name one my elves will bring your present to you. Once you get your present please take it to one of the tables while I call the next name that way we can finish before all of your hair turns white." Kyle then bowed to the large round of applause. Forty-five minutes later Brat had called the last name on the list and just looked around at the sea of joyful faces. He smiled as he watched kids move from table to table and sharing what they had received. Suddenly the wonderful smell of cinnamon and chocolate wafted through the air as Tommy, Jonah, and Neal emerged from the kitchen pushing carts piled high with Snickerdoodles and pots of Dark Hot Chocolate. Soon everyone was stuffing their faces and wearing chocolate mustaches. After the cookies had all been devoured and the Dark Hot Chocolate had been finished the residents began taking their presents back to their rooms but not before they deposited their wrapping paper, ribbons and paper plates in the appropriate containers. Everyone slowly drifted back into the multipurpose room, when most of the residents had returned the room spontaneously broke out into a round of "Thank You's" and "Merry Christmas's," followed by a round of hugs for all of the elves and Santa's helpers. Before they got mobbed the Rugrat Tribe began making a surreptitious exit. As Timmy and Ricky and the rest walked out the front door they turned and shouted "Merry Christmas Everybody," their words fading out as the transporter beams vanished them. Kyle, Brat and Kyle's kids began saying their goodbyes with a round of hugs, before they left though Tommy went to the kitchen and quickly returned with a basket that he gave to Kyle, who quickly peeked inside and smiled broadly. Kyle gave Aunt Ginger a big hug and whispered, "Merry Christmas and thank you very much this 'Home' is now a happy and safe home for kids. I can sleep better now that you are here and taking care of the residents." Ginger couldn't respond because she was choked up with emotions. So she just gave Kyle a squeeze. Kyle then waved to his kids and they all headed to the front door.

Ginger and most of the home's kids watched as Kyle and his entourage left after giving the Home a wonderful Christmas like none of the residents had ever had. Just as everyone walked out the door the littles resident Benji asked, "Auntie Ginger why does Mr. Kyle have wings like an Angel?" Ginger reached down and pulled Benji up into a hug and said, "Because Benji he really is an Angel, an Angel of Hope!" 

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