The Gathering, A Story Of Clan Short

The Gathering, A Story Of Clan Short

The Gathering:

A teen loses his memory and his family,

with the love of his family, he is rescued.

That same love rescues another child,

and the family grows.

that love continues to gather the abused,

and the abandoned children,

to be healed by the love of a family.

By the simple swearing of an oath of brotherhood,

a tribe was formed.

The tribe continued to gather those in need of their healing love.

Another simple oath of brotherhood was sworn,

And the tribe became a Clan.

The Clan continued to gather those that needed their healing love,

However, now the Clan began to hold the abusers accountable.

The Clan was mandated to protect all the children in the universe.

Beware the gathering now has a purpose!


Spreading The Hope:

The Clan continued to grow,

Still gathering those that needed their healing love.

The Clan began to spread the hope of a better life for those children in need.

Only now they were also gathering those that would help,

Spread the love and hope.

The Clan reached out near and far, Down Under,

and into the far Frontier(s) of Space.

As the Clan continued to grow,

so, did the hope they spread.

The Clan spread hope and love,

Wherever they spread their wings.

Abusers beware for the Clan knows no boundaries!


And A Child Shall Lead Them:

As a child was the founder of the Clan,

So was a child the Patriarch.

It is fitting that a child shall lead them,

as only a child knows what a child needs.

A child began writing this story,

And a child is still writing this never-ending story.


CSU Crest 

From The Gathering, through Spreading The Hope,

And A Child Shall Lead Them,

It was the unconditional love of a family,

and the unconditional love of a child,

that made all the difference in the universe!


This is the story of Clan Short.

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