Mending Wounded Hearts

Chapter Eleven ***Memories of adolescence

Listening to the boys talking about dressing up brought back memories.                                         

It reminded me of Stoker. He was the first boy I ever had full-blown boy on boy sex with. He was a steam engine nerd like me when we were eleven. His real passion was model trains and he had a great HO layout in the basement of their home. I met him at a swap meet where I bought a damaged vintage engine for parts. He caught up with me and my dad and asked if I would sell him the governor off the engine I just bought. I told him I wasn’t sure; I might need it if the one I had wouldn’t work. But I got his phone number and found out he lived nearby, but not close enough for us to attend the same school. I was three houses from the district line so I had to go to a school in the north end of town. Almost all of my friends went to the local school.

We talked on the phone and I found the problem with my existing governor, so I agreed to trade. Stoker had the coal tender that went with my Mikado locomotive and we struck a deal. I helped him repair his engine and we fired it for the first time together; it ran like a champ. 

Our acquaintance turned into sleepovers at each other’s homes, and of course sex play. We had our first real orgasms together with semen and all the assorted twitches that go along. Unlike me, he had a sister and once when she was off at summer camp we tried on some of her clothes. Stoker thought I looked really good and wanted to do something I had not considered. He told me his brother did it to him a few times and it felt really good to him. He sucked on me awhile and then got some of his sisters hand cream and smeared it on my rectum. It was cold but his touch felt good. He did it right and entered me slowly and then built up speed. 

I guess we made a little too much noise. Just as we were both about to pop his mother threw open the basement door and yelled, "What the hell are you doing down there!?" Neither of us could stop; I came as hard as I had ever done in my young life and so did Stoker. I could feel his spasms as his semen pulsed into me and I felt alive and oh, so sexy.

She tromped down the stairs as Stoker pulled out and she caught him pulling his pants up. She screamed, “Michael David Hull, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I had pulled his sisters panties up, flipped the skirt down and stood with my head down. How I managed, I will never know. I’m terrible at lying, always have been. She wanted my name and I came up with Sarah Carter from a book I was reading. 

She asked for my phone number and I told her we just moved and I didn’t know it, but we lived on Lowell, third house from Kingston, the green one with the brown roof. Then she told me to get my slutty little ass out of her house and she would be by to talk to my parents. I ran around to the back of the house and saw Stoker in the window. He tossed me a paper shopping bag that had my clothes, shoes and a damp cloth to wipe the make-up off my face. I changed behind his garage and ran home at top speed. 

I had figured out that stealth did not work with my mom, so I went in loud and boisterous. "Hi Mom, can I have some cookies?” She never even turned away from the sink, "No Robbie, lunch will be ready soon, have some fruit instead.” I nabbed a banana out of the bowl without losing momentum. I made straight for my bathroom, scrubbed my face and checked my clothes. I shucked the pink panties and got rid of the remainder of Stoker’s cum. I put on fresh undies and changed my pants due to the wetness in the seat. It had been a very squishy run home. Then I put my pants in the tub and sprayed them with the wand. 

Since I left the door open, my Mom poked her head in and asked what was up. "I think I slid into some dog poop at the park.  I didn’t notice until I was on the toilet.” She thanked me for not just tossing them in the laundry and announced lunch was ready. She also reminded me that she didn’t get a kiss when I came in. I apologized and told her I had needed the toilet really bad. She told me if I kept cutting it close like that, I would poop myself for real and she’d hose me off in the back yard like Dad used to do when it was time for a new diaper.

We chatted while we ate and I worried about Stoker and hoped his Mom wouldn’t beat him into giving me up. I didn’t want to think of him being beaten. I had only been spanked twice that I could remember. Both times, I had done something so dangerous they thought I should associate the memory with a sore butt. I think it about killed my dad to hit me and he told me that when I was expecting my first son, Lucas. He told me he cried harder than I did. I never saw it. 

I told my Mom about a new girl at the playground named Sarah. She asked me if the girl was pretty. I reckoned she was but she liked Stoker and I ran off to play ball with Mickey. I think Stoker walked her home. Mom thought that was terribly cute. I told her that I needed to return some books about steam power after lunch and she reminded me to be sure to get back and do my chores.

I put the girl clothes except the soiled panties, in a box and put some of Stoker’s magazines and books on top. I carried them downstairs, kissed my mom and put the box in my wagon. I met Stoker’s mom going the other way. She told me Stoker was grounded, but I could go by long enough to drop off his stuff, but no playing. Then she asked if I knew a girl named Sarah Carter; I told her there was a new girl at the playground this morning named Sarah but I didn’t know her last name. She was more interested in Stoker than me so I went off to play ball with another boy. I even told her about the dog poop. She groused about irresponsible pet owners and continued up the street.

When I got to Stoker’s house, I opened the kitchen door and yelled. He came running and I told him about meeting his mom on the way and what I told her. I asked him what he told his mom. He explained that she had been too mad to talk to him yet, but he better be ready when she got back. He put the clothes back and I told him to throw himself on her mercy. "It was all Sarah’s idea and you didn’t really know what was happening until you were doing it. It was all a blur." Unlike me, Stoker was a fine dramatic actor; he could turn a minor bike accident into a trip to Tasty Freeze or Baskin Robbins. And If I was there I was included. Of course, I had to look very concerned for my friend and crank out a few tears of sympathy. His mother did take pity on him and after a week of grounding he was released with the proviso that no kids would be allowed in the house unless she had already approved them; no strangers and absolutely no girls. 

I bought a skirt and blouse at the Goodwill store and told the saleslady it was for a play we were doing at the Y. I didn’t even go there because of all the pervs, but she helped me get the right size and let me try it on. It was a little large but I was growing so I spent the two bucks and took it home. It was a big success with Stoker and we learned to keep it quiet while we enjoyed each other. He looked pretty good in the dress too. But it got boring so we dropped the subterfuge and just fucked each other silly. 

We both discovered girls about the same time a few years later and our sex life changed. Eventually we decided that we’d go camping one last time and go out with a bang. We pulled out all the stops and tried everything we could think of that didn’t hurt. But mostly we just fucked each other silly. We both brought a pair of girl’s panties though. It was kind of a sweet memory for both of us. Years later he told me his wife dresses like a man and uses a strap-on to give him a good fucking once in a while. They’re still married and have tons of grand kids.

"Earth to Rob,” I heard Brandon saying, “we’re ready to eat."

I shook loose the cobwebs and stood up, much to the amusement of all three boys. It seems I was sporting a very rigid erection and it showed quite prominently through the casual shorts I was wearing. I reached in and adjusted it and it began to shrink. I could see Brandon was a rabble rouser.

He called out, "Judges," and held up ten fingers and the younger ones followed suit. "That’s it the votes are in and Rob has received a perfect ten from the judges." Brandon announced into an imaginary microphone. Where will they hang the medal when he takes the podium."

Not to be outdone, I thanked the Olympic committee and all my sponsors.

"Okay guys let’s wash up and take a seat. Who wants what to drink?" I asked.

I got two votes for milk and one for iced tea. I opted for tea as well and sat down with our lively little group. 

Brandon had done an outstanding job and everything was delicious.

After dinner, we sat in the media room but no one wanted to watch TV. Wade drug one of my guitars over and asked me to play his favorite. So I did, He wriggled in between Kelly and Brandon and held one of their hands in each of his and just absorbed the music. When I finished, Kelly thought he had heard the piece before but didn’t know the name. Brandon surprised Wade by saying "It’s the Canon in D by Pachelbel. It’s one of my favorite classical pieces."

"I just love the song; it makes me feel very calm and peaceful, is that stupid?" Wade asked.

"No, of course not, it’s a beautiful song. I like it; I like classical music a lot. But really, I just like music, Kelly said.

I played a few old cowboy songs that most kids know and discovered that Kelly and Brandon both had wonderful rich voices and they harmonized nicely on Red River Valley. Wade sadly cannot carry a tune in a bucket, he’s as tone deaf as they come, but he has other talents. He writes his own stories and he told us one about a Chumash boy and the Fox spirit. It was really well written and thought out. We all applauded after he finished. By then it was nearly ten and rain had begun falling. I had taken the dogs out after dinner so they could empty out.

Wade and Kelly were looking a little drowsy, so I suggested they make the journey to bed and turn in.    They both kissed Brandon and me and went up the stairs together but with a lot less vigor than their earlier trips. The dogs headed for their beds in the sunroom and I told Brandon that I would probably turn in as well. He seemed restless though, so I asked what was on his mind.