After Ragnarok

Chapter 05: The Day Asgard Stood Still

The wolf Skoll glowed high in the sky, the sun digesting slowly in his stomach, while the rest of the sky lay pitch black. The Jotun's roar of pain was cut short as Yari removed his axe from its leg and swung it across its neck. Ryle rushed past him towards the front lines bellowing in a berserk rage. Gripping close to the blade of his axe Yari climbed up the body of a larger Jotun to survey the battle. In the distance the larger ones crouched over the battlefield attempting to crush warriors with their gigantic fists. Odin could be seen galloping the front lines, striking down giants at will. A mystic Jotun gazed at Yari from across the distance and in the same moment great spears of ice filled his vision. Raising his axe to block a slender hand enter his vision and a chill shooting through him. The hand pulled him down from his mount and the soft grass buffeted his fall. "I wouldn't suggest making yourself a target like that."

"Skadi?" The blue haired woman stood up and gave no emotion to him. "...Thank you." She shot into the air like a wraith giving no reply. Yari sat up rubbing ice from his face. He couldn't imagine being in close proximity with her for a prolonged period. Picking up his axe he realized it had been broken in two by one of the ice shards launched at him. He pulled a sword from over his back and stood up looking for a group to join in with to fight. Skadi's Vanir were attempting to bring down a 30 foot Ice giant.

The gap was closed quickly as he ran; the main battle had passed him, moving towards the Jotun's homeland. The Jotun that stood before him was very thin for its height, clothed in a mixture of leather and steel. The Vanir circling the creature wore iron helms, and uniform padded leather. Armor was useless in this battle. The Jotuns used no arrows, and any weapon they wielded would rend any quality metal in two. Xulin, the Vanir who had spoken to him the night before looked at him. They spoke without words of their recognizing each other. A shadow was cast over Xulin. Grabbing him quickly by the arm Yari spun Xulin out of the fist's fall. Grabbing the iron clad hand, Yari was lifted into the air. Before it could shake him off, Yari jumped at the beasts' face. "DIE INSECT!" As it moved its hand to grab him he twirled his blade cutting into a finger. The Jotun's recoil was enough for him to land on its shoulder and stab deep into the neck.

He jumped down from its limp body and smiled at Xulin, Who bowed deeply before pulling a blade and running towards the front lines. Yari stood there for a second gazing upon Xulin's sleek run.

In that moment, time stood still. Two sounds fused together ripped across the battlefield. The snapping of chains. And the howl of a wolf.