A Silent Song (A Camp Refuge Story)

A Silent Song - Chapter 11: Trust

Chapter 11: Trust

It was Sunday morning. Huck woke up in his cabin rental, and he lay, looking up at the ceiling while he enjoyed the little, but cozy bed. The room was beginning to lighten as the sun cut through the fog, to come in through the eastern window.

He stretched, and he smiled. He was comfortable, warm, and things with Rayne were going well.

Huck had gone to bed last night, while Rayne was still out and about with the boy, Elias. Though, at some point, Huck heard Rayne come in during the night. So one of his first thoughts centered around his son.

'I wonder what time he went to bed.' Huck got up, and he stuck his head around the partition.

Huck felt his heart jump into his throat. Rayne lay, his hair wild and sticking up and all over. He had his arm around the blonde boy, Elias. Rayne and Elias were front to back, with Rayne behind the skinny boy.

They both slept. Huck padded over next to the futon, and he looked down at them. He put his hand over his mouth, and he tried to make himself function. But, all he could do is stare down at his boy.

Finally, Huck took a couple of deep, calming breaths. He carefully stepped back into the bedroom area, and he put on a pair of sweats and a long-sleeved shirt. Then he walked back to the futon. Huck shook his head, and he bit his lip.

'What am I supposed to do?' He could see the boys still had on t-shirts. And he hoped their bottom halves were clothed as well. Huck blinked. 'What do you feel? What's the first thing you feel when you see them there?'

Huck looked at Rayne. He slept peacefully, his face was relaxed, and he looked so natural there with Elias.

Huck swallowed, and he blew out a quiet breath. Then Huck watched as Rayne shifted, and his son's eyes rolled under his eyelids. Rayne blinked, sleepy, and a little confused in that way those first moments of waking usually are. Then he noticed Huck standing beside the futon.

Rayne turned his head to look up at his dad. Huck watched as Rayne nervously worked his mouth. The two looked at one another for a little.

'How do I feel?' Huck asked himself again. The protective, gentle way Rayne's arm draped across Elias' body stuck out in his mind, and Huck let the barest of smiles pull at his lips. "Good morning, son." The sound of his voice woke Elias, and the blonde young man turned so that he faced Rayne. Rayne kept his arm over him, and he even squeezed himself closer to Elias.

Rayne smiled at Huck. "Good morning, dad."

"Good morning, Mr. Yoman." Elias joined in the greeting, and then he grinned, and he stretched under Rayne's arm. To Huck's eye, the boy felt no guilt or embarrassment. Elias snuggled up to Rayne. "I don't want to get up."

Huck's smile grew a little. "Well, you don't have to." Then he crossed his arms over his chest, and he forced a stern expression. "That is, so long as you boys are wearing clothes under those blankets."

Rayne flushed a deep red. "Dad!"

Elias smiled, the side of his face laying on Rayne's chest. "We're wearing PJs." Elias turned slightly so he could see Huck. "We're not going to do anything that we're not ready to do. And we're not ready for that. Not yet."

The boy was so matter of fact, and so up front that Huck wasn't quite sure how to react. "Ah, uh." Huck scratched his head. "Well, okay." He nodded. "Good." He stood awkwardly by the futon for a moment longer then he rubbed his hands on his thighs. "So, I'm gonna go get some coffee." He nodded again as if everything that was happening was totally by his choice. "You boys be good. I'll, ah. I'll be back."

Huck left the cabin, and he turned toward the patio table. He knew Greg and Clay usually started their day there and then migrated over to the kitchen area once breakfast time rolled around. "Oh, thank you, Lord." He saw the men, as they sat with their half-full French Press of coffee. They were alone, and apparently, enjoying their time together in the cool and quiet morning.

Huck started toward them. He approached, and they both smiled as he neared.

"Good morning, Huck," Clay said, then he narrowed his eyes. "You all right?"

Huck sat heavily in a chair, and Greg wordlessly poured him a mug of coffee. Huck gratefully took it from him, and he stared down into the black liquid. "I'm so sorry." Huck took a deep breath, and he looked up at Clay. "But, I really need to talk to you, as a father. I think I need some help."


Harlan was already up and productive. He knew the guys' schedule, and he figured he could get to the kitchen, do what he wanted to do, and get out of the way before breakfast started.

He stirred the six strips of bacon around with a fork. Harlan liked his bacon crispy, with a bit of chewy fat left. And since he was the man at the stove, that's how it was going to be.

He thought back to last night, and the moment he stood with Bailey outside the mute man's door. He knew what Bailey said, about a date night with no sex. But, Harlan still had to try. He made out with Bailey there, under the light from his stoop, and they both had raging erections trapped under their clothes while they stood together.

Bailey had pulled back, his mouth open, and his eyes a little glazed. Harlan grinned at him. "You sure you don't want me to come in?" Harlan murmured in Bailey's ear, and his hand rubbed Bailey's crotch. The way Bailey's hard, long cock felt under his palm was nearly maddening to Harlan. He very much wanted to lay, naked, and entwined with the tall, handsome man.

But, somehow, Bailey had resisted. He grinned at Harlan, and he gently pushed the insistent man away. Bailey shook his head with a smirk, then he stepped inside his cabin. He leaned out, gave Harlan one more kiss, then he quickly shut the door. Harlan could tell that Bailey had nearly caved.

Now, Harlan smiled down at the bacon as it crisped in the pan. He pushed at his erection, and he tried to shift it into a more comfortable position in his jeans. He had big plans for his morning, and he was not above bribing his way inside Bailey's cabin with breakfast.

He finished with the bacon, and Harlan soon had French Toast sizzling in the cast iron pan. While it cooked, he combined some warmed cream cheese and sweetened whipped cream into a pillowy, creamy, rich mixture. Then he dug in the fridge, and he found a little package of blueberries.

Harlan assembled a couple of plates. French toast went on, followed by the bacon on the side. A generous amount of his whipped cream mixture went on top of the hot French toast, then, finally, he tossed some blueberries on top of the cream, and onto the plate.

Harlan leaned over the stove, and he shoved $20 into the donation jar. He knew Greg wouldn't charge him that much, but, he didn't mind paying a little more for a breakfast like the one he had prepared.

He put the plates on a platter, along with a couple of half-filled coffee mugs. Harlan carefully walked along the loop. He glanced over at the patio table as he stopped in front of Bailey's door, and he saw Greg, Clay, and Huck there. They looked deep in discussion, but, Greg took time to grin at Harlan and wave.

Harlan gave him a nod of his head, then he awkwardly knocked on the door.

About thirty seconds passed, and the door opened. Bailey blinked, still sleepy and just awakened.

"Good morning." Harlan smiled.

Bailey gave him and his prepared breakfast a surprised smile. Then he opened the door, and he motioned Harlan inside.

Harlan entered, and he put the platter down on Bailey's coffee table. While Bailey looked down at the food, Harlan raked his gaze over Bailey himself. The tall, handsome man only wore a pair of briefs. And he suffered from the morning problem many men had.

Bailey tried to be modest, but that was tough when his underwear barely contained things. The long, wide outline of his penis pointed up at an angle, and the waistband pulled away a little, as it stretched directly over the head of his erect member. He noticed Harlan's eyes, and Bailey smiled, a little embarrassed. He turned to step into his bedroom, but Harlan caught his wrist.

"You don't have to put anything on." Harlan pulled Bailey into his body, and he put his hands on the small of Bailey's back. The black-haired fellow smelled of the healthy, slightly musky scent Harlan had come to associate with Bailey, and he lay his face against Bailey's neck.

Bailey's arms circled Harlan, and his hands rubbed up and down the shorter man's spine. It didn't take long until Bailey was tugging at Harlan's shirt.

Harlan let Bailey peel off the sweater. Then the men kissed. As more of his skin contacted Bailey, the more Harlan wanted from him. He unbuttoned his jeans as they made out, and he pulled away from Bailey for a moment. Harlan pushed both his pants and underwear down, while Bailey stripped off his own shorts. Then he stepped right back into Bailey's arms.

He had to be careful. As Bailey kissed, caressed, and ground himself into Harlan, Harlan's need and desire ramped up until he barely held onto some semblance of control. Thanks to his rigorous routine and training, Harlan contained explosive strength and power. And he could easily hurt Bailey if he let himself go. So, Harlan strove for a balance. He allowed himself to ride the line of control and desire. Though, he had never been with anyone who pushed him so far. Harlan could tell, just a tiny bit more, then both he and Bailey would merely be at the mercy of his desires.

But, for the moment, Harlan's will kept the monster at bay. Bailey was too important to him. He was too precious.

Harlan groaned as the men continued to grind together. His eyes began to roll in his head. "Oh man. Bailey, I can't keep doing this. You're gonna get me off." Harlan breathed raggedly as he stood there with the blue-eyed man. Bailey pulled back, looked at Harlan, and in his eyes, Harlan saw a wild and intense need.

Bailey dropped to his knees, and Harlan gasped as the lanky fellow took Harlan's cock into his mouth.

Harlan rocked back on his heels. "Oh fuck." His jaw hung open, and Harlan's hands gripped Bailey's head. Bailey began an intense blowjob, one hand cupped Harlan's balls, while the other worked on his own cock.

Harlan was already primed, so it was happening very quickly. He gritted his teeth. "Fuck. Bailey, I'm gonna come." There was a desperate, yet certain tone in Harlan's voice. In response, Bailey sped up a little, and he never pulled away.

Harlan made a strangled sound, and his sensation crested in a tremendous orgasm. He held onto Bailey as he got off, and Harlan's knees tried to buckle on him. Bailey coaxed everything he could from Harlan, and he gulped as he finished the brown-haired man.

Harlan was still unsteady when Bailey stood up. He looked down Bailey's front, and the man's dripping cock lay against Harlan's groin. Harlan reached, and he ran a finger on the underside of the warm, still-hard organ. Then he looked up into Bailey's eyes.

Harlan stuck his semen coated digit into his own mouth, and he cleaned it with his tongue and lips. Bailey stared at him. Even after his orgasm, Bailey's eyes were still completely feral with desire. The tall man pulled Harlan in, and they kissed. He could taste his own semen in Bailey's mouth, and Harlan moaned in approval while their tongues slid slowly over one another's.

Finally, Bailey pulled back, and he looked at Harlan. The last time Harlan had another man's semen in his mouth was when he was much younger and much more trusting. But, Harlan hadn't thought about it. He didn't even consider if there was a risk to himself.

Harlan's breathing calmed as he looked into Bailey's eyes, and he swallowed, suddenly nervous. 'What are you doing to me?' Harlan clenched his jaw.

Bailey smiled, but he looked a bit concerned. 'You okay?'

Harlan licked his lips, still nervous, and yet wholly present in the moment with Bailey. "I, I uh," he nodded. "Yeah. I'm good." He had no idea how to handle how he felt. So he tried to put it off. "I'm great, Bailey."

He forced his eyes away, and he nodded at their slowly cooling breakfast. "We should eat. Before it gets cold."

Bailey smiled, and he released Harlan. Then the men sat on the futon. They were still naked and messy from their moment earlier. But, neither cared.

Bailey picked up a strip of bacon, and he bit down on the crisp, chewy morsel. All the while he chewed, he wore a fond smile, and he continued to watch Harlan.

Harlan tried not to notice. But Bailey put a hand gently under his jaw, and he lifted Harlan’s chin. And as Bailey drew him in for a bacon-flavored kiss, Harlan’s mind thrashed.

‘Fuck. What are you doing to me?’


After breakfast, Bailey pulled Harlan along with him, and the men now lay in bed together. Harlan moved to spoon Bailey, but the tall man shook his head, and he grinned. He made a twirling motion with his finger at Harlan, and though the brown-haired man looked a little worried, he rolled over.

Bailey got to play big spoon. He curled around the shorter Harlan, their naked bodies pressed together, and his hand slowly rubbed up and down his chest. Harlan felt a little tense at first, and his breathing was rapid and shallow. It was almost as if he bordered on panic. But, as Bailey continued to stroke his skin, Harlan's breathing slowed. And Bailey could feel as Harlan's body relaxed.

Bailey brought his hand up, all the way to Harlan's throat, and he left it there. 'I can feel his heartbeat.' Bailey smiled against the back of Harlan's neck. As they lay together, Harlan's heart rate slowed. His breathing became deeper, slower, and gradually Harlan went limp.

A satisfied, comfortable, and sleepy sound came from Harlan, and the man, coaxed by the gentle treatment from Bailey, drifted to sleep.

Bailey got the impression that Harlan didn't trust much. Bailey had learned some about him during their date. And now that he knew what he used to do for a living, he began to understand a little more about Harlan.

He truly enjoyed laying with the brown-haired fellow. 'When's the last time you were the one held, Harlan?' Bailey kissed the back of his neck. Then he let his forehead relax against the skin there, and he quietly breathed along with Harlan.

But, doubt is a persistent beast. 'What am I doing?' Bailey couldn't help but ask himself. 'He says he's broken, but I don't see it.' Bailey closed his eyes, and he clenched his jaw. 'What does he see in me?'

Bailey was beginning to realize that Harlan didn't connect with others lightly. And, as hard as it was for Bailey to imagine it, Harlan liked him. For two years, Bailey was simply adapting to his new life. He had nothing to give anyone, not emotionally. But, now, he found a familiar spark begin to burn in his chest. And he felt something fundamental change in his desire for Harlan.

Though he hated to admit it, Bailey knew. And his mind recited a few lines from one of his own songs.

'They say that words do not contain, and yet I long to hear my name,
Fall like sweetness from your lips, From your love I need to sip.'

Bailey frowned, unwilling to fully admit what stared him in the face. And, instead, he slid off to join his lover in sleep.


Elias tried to keep a smile on his face. It was two o'clock in the afternoon, and he stood under Orson's reassuring arm as he said goodbye to Rayne. He and Huck had just loaded up their car, and the pair were on their way home.

Rayne leaned against the red hatchback, hands in his pockets, and he looked down at his feet. Elias knew he had mixed feelings about leaving. Rayne got what he wanted with his dad. But, now, Rayne and Elias would miss seeing one another.

"You've got my number, right?" Elias asked. He tried to get a smile out of Rayne, but the youth only nodded, and his eyes stayed down.

Clay and Huck spoke quietly on the other side of the car, and the men occasionally glanced their way. Elias watched as Clay patted Huck on the back, and the two men walked around to their side. Huck smiled at Elias. "Well, thanks for making my son feel at home, Elias." Huck nodded. "I really appreciate that."

Elias smiled back. "Sure." He looked at Rayne. "I really liked having you around, Rayne."

That brought the dark-haired boy's head up, and he looked at Elias. He even smiled a little. "Me too."

Huck took a breath, and then he cleared his throat. "Hey, uh, I wanted you to know, Elias, that you can come to visit Rayne in town if you want." Huck glanced at Clay, and the big man nodded encouragingly at him. He turned back to Elias. "You could even catch the bus with Rayne if you wanted to stay overnight."

Rayne stared at his dad. "Re …" he blinked. "Really?"

Huck slowly nodded. "Yes. Really."

Elias felt a little thrill go through him, and he looked at Orson. "Is that okay?"

Orson smiled at the blonde young man under his arm. "Yeah. I’ve got Huck’s number already. So long as Huck and Rayne are fine with it, then it's okay."

“I’ll always be fine with it,” Rayne said quickly, with an endearing blush.

Elias grinned. Then he shrugged. “Well, what about tonight?”

Huck laughed. “I should have seen that coming,” he said. Clay smirked, and he nodded at Huck. Huck set his jaw, and he threw up a hand. “Sure!”

Elias didn’t wait. He ran toward the cabin he shared with Orson and Joseph, and he couldn’t help the broad grin he wore as he packed his overnight bag.


Huck began the drive to their apartment in Crescent City. The boys chose to sit in the back seat together, and they talked the whole way. Their topics ranged wildly - from Elias' art and his cabin plans to Rayne's fascination with insects, space, the microscopic world, and math.

"You really know the difference between a euglena and a paramecium?" Elias' voice sounded critical. The blonde shook his head. "I can't tell the difference. I mean, other than the euglena is a little fatter on one end, sometimes."

"No!" Rayne's voice had that higher, excited tone when he was truly passionate about something. "No, the euglena has CHLOROPLASTS! It's one of the few heterotrophs with them! Isn't that crazy?!"

Elias frowned. "What's a heterotroph again?"

Rayne went on to explain the definition of a heterotroph to an interested, or, at least to Huck he seemed interested, Elias. And so the conversation went.

Huck glanced in the rear-view mirror a few times, and Rayne's face was animated, and happy, while Elias paid careful and dutiful attention to him. Huck refocused on the road, and he unconsciously smiled. 'He's good for Rayne.' Huck nodded slightly to himself, and he took another look in the mirror. He saw Rayne reach, and push a blonde lock of hair off of Elias' forehead, and the boys smiled at one another. Huck took in a breath. 'They're good for each other.'

They got to the apartment, and the boys piled out of the car. They took everything upstairs, and soon they were inside. It took no time at all, and everything was put away.

"Dad, we're gonna hang out in my room. Is that okay?" Rayne had his arm over Elias' shoulders, while the blonde boy had his around Rayne's waist. They looked so natural and comfortable.

But, that didn't make it any easier. Huck looked at them, then he sat heavily on the couch. He had talked to Clay for some time about what would happen if he ignored, or denied Rayne agency in his own life. And Huck knew there was no fighting the heart and hormones of a teenaged boy. But, still, it was hard.

Rayne was quiet as Huck struggled. But, Elias came over, and he sat beside Huck. And when the man looked over at him, Elias smiled. "Mr. Yoman, I'm never going to do anything that'll hurt Rayne." The blonde's smile turned a bit sad. "I know what that's like. And I'll never ever do that to another person."

Huck stared at Elias. And in the boy's eyes, he saw knowledge and experience far beyond what should be there. Elias' expression shifted until it was a little sheepish, and his voice dropped so only Huck could hear. "Though, eventually, when he's ready," he nodded, "then, yeah. We will do stuff together. But, it will always be Rayne's choice. Always."

Again, Huck was floored by this kid. Huck lost his virginity when he was fifteen. He knew the time was coming for Rayne, and for Elias both. He knew that. Huck bit his lip and smiled, just a little at Elias. And, if what Elias said was true, then there was no one better for his son right now. There was no one more right. "Okay." Huck felt himself tear up. "Ah," he wiped his eyes. "Just, uh," he wiped his face, "just be nice to him."

By this point, Rayne had come over, and he sat beside Huck on his right, while Elias was on his left. Rayne hadn't heard everything, so he looked concerned at his dad. "What's wrong?" Rayne glanced at Elias. "What's wrong?"

Huck laughed, and he waved his hand. "Nothing." He smiled at Rayne, and he put an arm around his son. Then Huck looked over at Elias, thought a moment, and he put one around him too. "There's nothing wrong, boys." He squeezed them. "All I ask is that you're good to each other. Okay?"

Elias nodded, and Rayne did too. "Yeah, dad." Rayne was still confused, but he tried to reassure his father. Then he seemed to realize why Huck was upset. "Dad, we're not gonna do anything."

Huck sighed, and he ruffled Rayne's hair. "Son, I know you might actually believe that." He looked over at his boy, and he smiled. "But I was your age once. And, even though you mean what you're telling me, there will come a point where, well, where things will happen." Huck never thought he'd have to go through 'the talk' with his son this way. But, here he was.

Rayne squirmed, a little uncomfortable. But Huck continued. "Okay. So, the guys from the campground gave me some things. And there are some condoms in your overnight kit, Rayne."

His son grimaced, and his mouth dropped open. "Dad!"

"No, let me finish." Huck plowed on. "If you boys decide it's time, then you use protection with one another. And if you don't want to bother with that, then you go to the teen clinic, and you get tested. And, if you're both clear, then you can, well, you can do whatever you want without them." Huck turned to Rayne who cringed in on himself. "Promise me." He put a hand on each of Rayne's shoulders, and he turned him so that Rayne had to look at Huck. "Rayne, promise me."

Rayne glanced at Huck's face. He still looked plenty embarrassed, but he nodded. "Okay, dad. I promise."

"Me too," Elias said. "I promise too, Mr. Yoman."

It'd have to do. Huck took a deep breath, and he nodded. "Okay." He patted each of them on their backs. "Go on. Dinner will be around five thirty or six."

The two got up, and in moments the awkward conversation was forgotten. Huck watched as they entered Rayne's room, and as they chattered to one another. Then the door shut, and their muffled voices continued.

He sat just a little longer, listening, and he heard Rayne laugh.

Huck smiled. 'God, I've missed that sound.'

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