Hearts Across Space



Hearts Across Space is a story of life in the near and far future; or is it the present?


Since this is Science Fiction and none of the planets except Terra (Earth) and all the characters are fiction, none of this including the sex really happened (Oh what a dream that was). However, if you are under the legal age in your area or it is illegal to read fiction of a sexual nature that may or may not involve minors - Leave now or face a squad of Geminiian's armed with growlers.


Far away in the far, far future on the planet Gemini in the Mattachinium Constellation an eighteen turning Archon awakes with a scream and a look of utter fear and terror his Bondling flying from their bed with a blinding headache. S'ean sits upright totally stunned, as there is a gaping blank spot is his mind where he normally feels Alexander.

Meanwhile, across the vast reaches of space on the Planet Terra, an Eighteen-year-old Terran Male wakes screaming from a nightmare feeling completely alone and chilled to the bone. What or is there a connection fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy ride as we probe deep into the vastness of minds and space?

Authors Note:

Some terms and phrases used in this story may seem familiar to the readers. Since I am an avid Sci-Fi reader, I may have inadvertently borrowed from some of the stories I have read. If this is the case, I apologize in advance and will remove or replace such words or phrases upon notification. As this is my first attempt of writing anything of this nature, let alone size please bear with my mistakes. I will gladly correct any glaring errors or omissions upon notification.

My Favourite SCI-FI Fantasy authors are in no particular order - David Weber, David Drake, Arthur C. Clarke, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Mercedes Lackey, Elizabeth Moon,  Crackerwriter, and Joshua Haines.

As this is, a completely new world created solely for this story there is a lot of information necessary for some chapters to make sense. However, to include all of this information in each chapter would make the chapters unwieldy and hard to read. For this reason, I am posting a Glossary of Geminiian Terms and a Cast of Characters. Additionally, a separate information section will be posted along with each chapter as needed. It is unnecessary to read the Errata sections; however, they will make the following chapter easier to understand.

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