Jared the Paramedic

Chapter 5: The Cabin

The cabin was overlooking a large lake about 3 hours north of the city.  There were only a couple of small summer-only cabins on the lake and those weren't close.  It was a long lake in the shape of a boomerang surrounded partially by Crown Land or forest preserve. The rest of the land was under Jared's control.  His land was extensive but considering the vast size of the crown land and even the size of the province, it was small.  Each section of land is 640 acres (2.6 sq kilometers) and through his business and personal assets, he owned 72 sections of land, or around 50,000 acres of spruce, poplar and birch trees… many of them hundreds of years old.  The land, except for a couple of highways, a few grid roads, the long driveway to his cabin, some trails cut through the bush, as well as the cabin area, is untouched and natural.  Along the river and lakes in the area were numerous camping spots used by boaters and canoeists as they passed through the area on trips.  Many of the camping spots were on his land, and during the canoeing season he used a boat to travel to the sites to pick up any debris left behind by the less responsible users.  Some of the older members from the reserve still actively hunt and trap throughout out the land as well.  He and his grandfather both hunt on the land, an activity which kept them supplied the majority of the meat they ate.  Much of this land had been given as a gift to his family in the past by the Crown, in recognition of their service to the people and the government.  Some of the land was given to returning soldiers after the Great War (later referred to as World War I), while some was sacred tribal land he had taken over to protect.  The rest was purchased as an investment. The isolated bush land had been a very reasonable price, and he also considered it his duty to preserve as much as he could for the future. There was a large river, connected lakes, and natural muskeg throughout the land which provided not only the peace and tranquility, but it provided everything he needed to live.  That was the way the ancients had intended it.

The original cabin was built in spruce logs harvested from the local land by his grandfather.  He had carried on the tradition and added onto the cabin a couple of times as well as modernizing it.  The building now was now 2 levels with 8 large bedrooms, 4 half bathrooms and 2 full bathrooms as well as an office upstairs.  The upstairs was open and you could look over the railing into the large living room and part of the kitchen.  A large stone fireplace was in the middle between the kitchen and the living room, and open on both sides to provide heat.  He had added a large wrap around deck with a hot tub to the cabin.  The entire south exposure of the cabin facing the lake was made up of huge triple-pane windows.  The view over the lake was accessible from any room.  He could stand on the deck or sit in the hot tub while looking through the break in the trees at the lake.  He had also built a large quonset behind the cabin where he could store equipment inside and out of the weather.  The quonset, just like the cabin, was geothermically heated to keep it from freezing using a pressure system, running water through a series of deep casings drilled into the ground.  The pumps were powered by solar power which had been installed on the roof of the Quonset and the main cabin.  Other than monitoring them, it was a maintenance free system.

He loved to sit on the deck and listen to the loon calls echoing across the lake in the evening as he enjoyed a cup of traditional tea.  It always brought an inner peace, something he usually needed after being on the job in the city.  He spent most of his days off at the cabin recharging his energy, and living in the solitude of the land.  Although he relished the solitude, he also looked forward to the time spent with his brothers when they came to join him at the cabin.

He parked his Explorer next to the cabin and started hauling groceries into the kitchen. He had made a trip into the resort town nearby to pick up some groceries and supplies before his brothers arrived. He had made a call to the maintenance person who he paid to look after the place in his absence, who drove over from a small town downriver and would check on the buildings, the pressure systems and generally look around for something to fix.  Jared had managed to complete the routine or seasonal repairs to the buildings, leaving the unexpected or emergency ones to the maintenance man.  He had been there already to open the cabin for fresh air, dust everything off and make sure the hot tub was ready for use.  The cabin and yard looked perfect as usual.

When Jared updated and modernized the cabin, he had built the kitchen larger with a professional set up.  The cabin didn't have electricity before the solar panels and batteries were installed. He had also had the buildings connected to the main power grid with lines brought in underground from the main power lines.  The solar panels and batteries took care of most usage, but he could draw on the grid if needed. In addition, he had a substantial backup generator installed as a fail-safe.  Many days during the year storms knocked out the main power lines. In that inclement weather, the solar panels weren't at peak efficiency, so if the batteries ran out, there was still the generator.

During the summer, forest fires were always a possibility in the wilderness.  He had fixed up a special outdoor sprinkler system in case of a fire.  It was installed on and around the cabin as well in the tree line around his yard. If he turned it on, it would create walls of sprinkling water to prevent the fire from running through his yard.   He also had a panic room built underneath one end of the cabin.  It was modeled after a refuge station in a mine and is a safe place to retreat if a fire was not stopped by the sprinkler system.  He and his guests could wait out the event in safety and relative comfort for about 5 days if they were careful. 

He had hauled in the bags from the vehicle and had started putting the groceries away when he heard another vehicle drive up to the cabin.  He looked out the window and saw Liam getting out of his pickup truck.  He suddenly felt warmth and longing as he rushed out to meet his boyfriend.  The two men met just outside the kitchen door and embraced tightly, kissing tenderly.

"I thought you said it was a little cabin the woods," Liam said looking at Jared.

"It is little.  A little of this and a little of that.  This cabin was started by my grandfather, and I added to it. I love it here, it is so tranquil and the perfect place to appreciate Mother Earth," he commented.  "Let me take you for a tour around the place."

"When are the others coming up?"

"Sometime this afternoon.  Not sure other than that."

Jared reached his hand out and Liam grasped it tightly as they around the cabin to the other side.  As they came around the corner, Liam could see a beautiful lawn with large clumps of bushes he wasn't familiar with.  There was a trail leading around the bushes to a large dock which jutted into the lake and another well used trail lead off to a boathouse.  There was a large fire pit set back from the beach on the lawn surround by cut log benches. 

He pointed at a strange structure off to the side and asked, "What's that, Jared?"

"That is the willow frame of a sweat lodge.  I was planning on using it tomorrow night for all of us." 

Liam turned and wrapped his arms around Jared, looking deep into his eyes. "I would love to do anything with you as long as we are together.  Will you teach me about it?"

"Of course, I will.  It will be enjoyable for you and it is such a special thing to do. Let's go out onto the dock," suggested Jared as he led Liam by the hand in that direction.  They crossed the sand beach to the dock and stepped up.  The dock was a long and about a foot above the water in height.  They walked to the end and looked out over the lake which had some little waves from the wind moving their direction as if they were coming to greet them. 

"I love to lie on my back on the dock at night, listen to the loons call and stare up at the lights from the universe," said Jared.  "It is such a beautiful thing to do.  Best part is there are not many boats out here to disrupt the tranquility." 

"I can see why you love it and I think I'll love it as well. The little waves on the lake are so mesmerizing when you stare at them."

"That could be the water spirits too.  They are the pranksters or jokers.  They do something like that to cause you to step off the dock when you're mesmerized," explained Jared with a smile.

They walked back up to the cabin and onto the deck.  Jared moved over to the hot tub which was sunk into the deck and lifted the cover.  "Looks good in there and ready to use," he said out loud as he dropped the cover back down.  They went through the patio doors and into the living room and into the kitchen.  "Grab your bag and we can drop it off in the bedroom while we tour the upstairs."

Liam ran out the back door and grabbed his bag, returning a moment later.  Jared led him to the stairs and followed him up.  He was thinking to himself, "Liam's ass fills those jeans so well.  They were definitely worth buying for him." The upstairs was open to look over the living room and out through the huge front windows of the cabin towards the lake.  It was beautiful.

They toured the upstairs and ended up in the master bedroom where Jared pointed to where Liam could unpack.  Jared was standing there in thought when he was suddenly grabbed from behind, falling onto the large bed.  Liam swung on top of him on the way down, pinning Jared's arms on the bed above his head.  He leaned in and kissed Jared.  "The only thing I love more than this place is the man I have under me right now."

Jared brought his leg up and his arms in as he flipped Liam over top of him to land on his back on the bed in shock.  Jared then moved and pinned Liam to the bed in the same way he had been a moment earlier. 

He looked in Liam's eyes and said, "Ditto."

Liam started to laugh and said, "Ditto?  Ditto?!  We are in the most beautiful and romantic place in the world together and you say ditto? "

"Actions speak louder than words," said Jared as he leaned down and started to kiss Liam.  His hands were working at Liam's shirt to pull it off.  "You know, I usually don't wear clothing when I am up here, if any at all.  You are over-dressed!"

Liam smirked and then rolled out from under Jared standing up next to the bed. He said, "I would hate to be in trouble with management for breaking the rules," as he started to tear off his clothes. 

Jared stood and did the same. In a moment, they were both naked and holding each other tightly while kissing passionately. 

They finished undressing and the two of them went downstairs naked and out onto the deck and Liam leaned onto the railing.  Jared came up behind Liam and wrapped his arms around him as they both looked at the beauty in front of them.  "I love you, Liam.  When you're not with me, my heart has a longing for you and I feel as if a part of me is missing.  We are truly soulmates."

Liam felt the warmth of Jared behind him and his arm around him.  "I feel the same way, Jared.  I have never felt the peace or fulfillment that I do when I am in your arms."

Jared kissed him gently.  "I've known love all my life and it's been good.  What I didn't know was how it felt to have a soulmate… I feel complete when I'm holding you."

Liam kissed Jared, and then with a smirk said, "Ditto."

Jared laughed at the response, "Point taken, Liam."

"I would like to try the hot tub out with you."

"Sounds like plan Liam, let's do it."

The two men climbed into the hot tub and soaked in its heat.  Eventually, they ended up cuddled together in the corner, looking out at the lake and the beauty of the area.  When the jets turned off, they got out and put the cover back on.

The two of them stood at the railing, holding each other and just enjoying themselves as they dried in the sun.  Liam looked at Jared with a mischievous look. 

Jared said, "Let's go for a swim to wash off."  They both ran down to the lake and dove in.  They played around in water for a time, diving under, pushing and wrestling with each other.  After a while, they both climbed out of the water and lay on the dock to dry in the hot sun.

Liam, still lying on his back asked, "Do you always go naked around here?"

Jared replied "Yes, there are no neighbours around here.  There is the odd time some canoeists come through but it is very rare.  The other end of the lake has a river emptying into it, and the lake discharges into a river on the other side; It's part of a canoe route.  But this end of the lake is fairly sheltered and very few people ever journey up this way.  But, I have had a few visitors though, like last year about this time."

Liam sat up as well and looked at him saying, "Oh really, you had visitors, did you?" 

Jared smiled and said, "Yes, a few.  I'll invite them in for coffee or a meal and they are usually gone in a very short time.  Except one group of college students on some sort of outdoor experience outing and they camped in their tents on the beach for a couple of nights.  We had great campfires at night, roasting some hot dogs and making S'mores. I introduced them to bannock on a stick.  They loved the beach and swimming off the dock.  They were all city kids and had never been in the bush before."

"Were you naked with them around?" Liam asked.

"No, I was wearing a loin cloth and they were really interested in how to make one.  The instructor didn't have any objection to them learning about First Nations culture so I went up to the cabin and grabbed some leather, a knife and the sewing kit.  After a couple of hours, all 11 of the college kids were running around in loin cloths and even the instructor made one.  It was pretty cute," laughed Jared.  "They did some skinny dipping and nude sunbathing but always put the loin cloth on when they were walking around."

Liam asked, "Were they hot?"

"It was hard not to enjoy looking at the guys.  They were all pretty fit and cute as all hell.  Most were average dick sized, but a couple made horses look small.  I actually had to make special loin clothes for them, with more in front.  I did make a point of helping them to put it on and tuck them in properly.  I got the impression that two of them were more than just friends.  It took a bit of getting used to for them to wear a loin cloth though.  Most of them had hard dicks poking out the side now and then, but once they got used to it they loved wearing them.  When they left, they all wore them to finish their trip."

Liam was quiet for a moment and then said, "I'm hungry.  How about you?" Jared smiled and nodded his head yes.  They got up and walked to the cabin holding hands.

Once in the kitchen they worked together to make some sandwiches and fresh vegetables.  They sat at the kitchen island to eat.  Jared got up and grabbed the iced tea from the refrigerator and placed it on the counter.  Getting two glasses he filled them and put one in front of Liam and himself.

Liam looked at Jared for a moment and started to ask something but stopped, choosing to take a bite out of his sandwich instead.

Jared looked at him and said, "You have something on your mind.  Ask away."

Liam looked shyly and then said, "I don't know if I have the right, or even if it is proper to ask you something."

Jared continued to look at him and said, "You may ask anything.  I'll never lie to you and if it's something I don't want to answer, I'll tell you.  There's very little about me I will not answer you about."

"How can you afford all this around us?  You're just a paramedic and although we make decent money, it's not this much."

"I told you my parents abandoned me with my grandfather; my father and mother were too busy living their own lives for a child to disrupt them.  They saw me as an accident rather than a gift from the Creator and there was no place for a child in their lifestyle so they dumped me with him.   Mom was a full blood First Nation and my father white, and from a very well off family.  They enjoyed their life of parties, travel, living the highlife and making money to spend.  I was told by Grandfather that my dad had been a stock genius/financial advisor. When I was 12, I came home from school one afternoon to find my grandfather sitting at the kitchen table with his smudging equipment out, and tears in his eyes.  He told me that my parents were now both walking the next world as they had both died in a plane wreck.  He didn't say much more, and I didn't know what to say.  They were my parents, but I never knew them so while I was upset about it, I accepted it fairly easy. I had accepted a long time before that they were my parents, and they always would be my parents in this and the next life.  They had made self-centered choices, poor choices, but they had enough sense to give me to someone who would love and raise me well.  I accept the choices they made in their lives, but Liam… it also put me on the path to what I am today.  It also put me on the path to be with you."

Liam didn't know what to say so he gently grasped one of Jared's hands.  After raising it to his lips, he kissed the hand gently.  Jared returned the action by kissing Liam's hand.

"We smudged and made peace with the spirits. My grandfather told me I had received everything in their estate, wills, and all the life insurance money.  I guess that while they didn't want me, there was something inside them which still loved me as their son to have thought of me in that way.  Grandfather told me they had also been sending him money monthly to cover any expenses associated with raising me. Much of it had been invested over the years and had begun to accumulate to a healthy account balance.  It didn't cost a lot of money to raise me but I was never short of anything that I needed.  He told me that I would have to be careful of the attraction of money or it could divert me from my path in life like my parents.  Grandfather always kept reminding me that it was OK to be mad at the choices my parents had made, but to never stop loving them as people, and as my parents.  But a day would come when being mad had to be let go or it would infect or poison my spirit," said Jared.

"I went to the funeral and there were a lot of shocked faces from their friends when a 12-year-old boy was presented as the son of the deceased couple. Dad's family had no clue I'd been born and wouldn't even acknowledge me that day or into the future.  My grandfather participated with the officiating in the service by performing smudging and saying prayers.   The minister and Grandfather had known each other for years but dad's family didn't like to acknowledge the First Nations side.   I guess Dad's grandfather had left him a lot of money and business assets when he died, his family wanted it.  Even after the paternity tests, they still wouldn't accept me.  They were very upset the entire estate was in my name," Jared said very stone faced.

Liam squeezed Jared's hand which he was still holding, and said softly, "You don't have to go any further."

Jared shook his head no and continued, "Because I was under 18, the estate had to go into control of someone to look after it until I was 18 and some of it was in trust until I was 21.  The court appointed a person who had known my father by his reputation only. He was appalled at the way that I'd been treated by my parents as well as my dad's family and swore he would look after the estate for me to the best of his ability.  He and my grandfather spoke at great lengths over the next few years. I guess there were some law suits filed by my dad's family and they lost every one of them.  I understand John, on behalf of my estate, successfully sued the air company whose plane my parents died in. When I turned 18, I had an investment portfolio I couldn't even comprehend.  John spent the next couple of years teaching me about investments and the stock market.  He had commented several times I had the same insight and sense he heard my dad had for making money.  John really became a second father to me and I love him for that.  He taught me so much more than he was required to do by his appointment.  Between my grandfather and John, I was raised a very happy young man.  They also got along quite well and were never in conflict about anything; they always had my interests at heart. He's still my financial advisor, and actually works for me now and is Chief Financial Officer.  As of this week, I think I have bank accounts, businesses, property and investments amounting to many, many millions of dollars.  For the record Liam, I only live on my paycheck from the ambulance service, and it has been that way for many years.  I have less than $3,000 in my checking account."

Liam sat there with his mouth hanging open not knowing what to say.

Jared looked at Liam and then said, "Close your mouth before it fills with flies."

Liam then asked, "Why are you working?"

"It's very simple Liam.  It's the path the Creator has chosen for me and my grandfather has been teaching me for throughout my entire life.  Plus, I also enjoy the work and helping people, and feeling like I am making a difference.  I do have some fun with the investments and seeing what I can invest in next," Jared replied.  He then added, "The money is play money to me.  The only thing I have used the money for personally for was the construction and items at this cabin and for my education as a paramedic. I do give big contributions to the hospital and various organizations but I've never let the money own me like it did my parents."

"As you've been honest with me Jared, I'll be honest with you as well.  I received a fair amount of money from my parent's estate and from a law suit which I filed against the driver and the trucking company so I have money stashed away.  I don't have anywhere near the money you have, but I don't have to work either but I love the work. Besides, look at my age… retire? But Jared, my money isn't invested very well; is there any chance John could help me out in that area?"

"I think that can be arranged.  We can talk to John when we get back to the city," answered Jared.

"Up until the accident, I enjoyed life growing up.  I enjoyed learning and had pretty good marks all throughout high school.  I was also into swimming and won a few meets.  I also enjoyed cross country running.  I wasn't in the upper echelon of either jocks or the academics but I managed to associate with both.  I was well known in school but able to remain under everyone's radar as being different.   I had a couple of short term boyfriends but nothing serious.  Mom and Dad were great.  We went on nice vacations during the winter breaks and celebrated Christmas with the grandparents until they passed away. Mom and Dad had no brothers or sisters and were born late in my grandparents lives.  They once told me they had a lot of common experience with both being lone children with older parents. Both sets of grandparents got along very well too.  When I came out to my parents, they stood behind me when I told my grandparents.  I was so scared when I told them.  I will never forget my grandpa Nick that day.  He smiled and said, "This is what had you concerned? More importantly, this is what we held supper for?  Liam, if you are happy, we are happy.  We love you.  Can we eat now?"

When Grandpa Nick died suddenly, Grandma seemed to give up the will to live and was gone within a month.  The same thing happened when Dad's mom died of a heart attack.  Grandpa lived long enough to bury her and then get everything in order for his estate.  Brand new will, prepaid his funeral and then he sat in his favorite chair to watch TV and died.  It was like he willed himself to have a heart attack as well.  I think they all had such a close bond in life; they wanted to be with each other in the afterlife as well.  I never saw either set of grandparents fight or be anything but fun to be with.  The love they had for their family as a whole was fantastic. My parents were the same way.  Even when they disagreed, it wasn't a fight.  It was a discussion until my dad gave in."  Liam laughed at this.  "My dad loved my mom so much he just disagreed with her so they could be together more while resolving it.  He told me that once when he also told me to never go to bed angry.  Always clear the air.  My life wasn't perfect, but it was close to it."

"We grew up differently, but both of us had love around us while we did it," observed Jared.

Liam then looked at Jared and asked directly, "Yes, that is true.  So, what is this power you seem to have?"

"You will understand it better after this weekend and after the sweat lodge ceremony.  I will tell you that I don't have a superhero power like on TV that you'd compare it too.  Simply, I have gifts from the Creator.  Some of the gifts help me to seek out those who need help and some of the gifts allow me to take action.  Do you remember the chant and prayer I used when lighting the candles when we smudged?  I said, 'I invoke the light of the God within.  I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my guide.'" 

"Yes, I do remember that."

"I'm a just a man and I can die the same as anyone else.  I'm merely a channel for the Creator; he uses me to fix things which should be fixed.  He has given me the gift to heal things when they should be healed.  There are times a person is healed from fatal wounds entirely, but that is very rare; usually they are healed just enough to survive.  The healing or recovery process gives them the opportunity to grow in determination, depth of character, and strength of spirit.  There are new interactions between people, new things learned and new experience gained to take with them into the future.  It may even result in family bonds being tightened or renewed.  There are so many benefits from the recovery and healing process which cannot be explained simply.  But, it must not be removed from a person's life," Jared explained.

"I sort of understand Jared.  It is much more complex than I would have thought," said Liam pensively.

"This is part of the knowledge I'm to share with you.  This gift is limited and does take some of my inner being with it each time I use it.  The injury is actually absorbed into my body as a form of energy and my spirit holds it until I can release it to the Creator or into Mother Earth.  My life force is also replenished by communing with Mother Earth in this place.  The gift must never be used in any way other than the way the Creator intended it to be used and never for personal benefit.  It is my path of life," finished Jared.

"You handle it well Jared.  I assume you've dropped your guard with me and allowed me to see it being used now.  In all the time we were together, I never saw it used before the last few days.  I've wanted to ask you questions about what I saw but I sensed the timing wasn't right."

"I've always used it.  You may have had your eyes open, but I didn't allow you to see it.  You did remember earlier I prayed over each patient.  Sometimes the gift was used, other times the patient was allowed to walk the final length of their pathway in life. It's a lot to understand, my love."

"Yes, it is and that is an understatement.  I want to learn like you told me the Creator has directed.  If I have the knowledge, I would like to awaken it soon so I may be of help when you do your work."

"It will come with time, have no worries. That's enough of the learning for now.  Let's make you a loin cloth; that is if you want one?"

"I would love one, although I like it when we're both naked."

Jared looked into Liam's eyes.  "When we're naked, we are what we see.  Nothing to hide behind, nothing to project false images, nothing to protect you.  You are what I see Liam, and I love what I see spiritually, socially, and mentally.  And a cute little butt too!"

Liam smiled, "Thanks.  I understand Jared.  Would that be the same as when we show in our uniforms and act in the role of paramedic, or the police, etc?  People would catch glimpses of the real us but we are projecting and role playing in the job of the uniform."

"You are catching on quickly.  When we are naked with our brothers, we are family with nothing to hide.  Plus, its enjoyable too!" Jared got up to find the leather and sewing materials while Liam cleaned up the lunch dishes.  Jared returned shortly with his loin cloth with a belt over his shoulder, and carrying a leather bundle with him.

"Let's go do this at the beach.  When were the other's going to get here?" asked Jared.

"Should be anytime I would think, and I can just imagine their faces to be met by us in nothing but loin clothes.  Yes, I think the beach is a great place to make it.  I'll grab some suntan lotion and a couple of towels," said Liam.  He gathered the things up and the two of them walked to the beach.

A little while later, Liam was sporting a new loin cloth and he was like a kid with a new toy.  After trying it on for a bit, he took it off carefully.  "This is really comfortable but I'd like to lay out for some all over tanning.  This is the first time I've ever done anything like this" said Liam.

"To hide a body such as yours under clothing is a crime.  Make sure you put lots of sun block on your dick and ass.  They aren't used to the sun and may burn easily, and I don't want that," said Jared.  They made sure there was lots of lotion on delicate places and laid back to lay in the sun.  It was about 30 minutes later when they heard a vehicle pull into the yard above.  Jared and Liam got up, put on their loin cloths and went up to the cabin to meet their friends.  As they came around the corner they saw their friends. 

Troy looked over and yelled out, "They've gone tribal already!"  Troy approached quickly and hugged them both.  "I've been slimed!  They're covered in suntan lotion."

"I'll slime you good," said Jared jumped on him with a head lock and gave him a noogie.

"I give. I give!" called Troy.  By this time, the other three with him came forward to give their greetings.  Troy's boyfriend, a slim dark brown haired, brown eyed man who stood about 6' came forward and hugged Jared.

"Good to see you again Tyler," said Jared.

The next to come up and hug him was Josh, a policeman from the city they worked in and his firefighter boyfriend Darren.  They were quite the pair to look at.  Both were very solid looking at with Darren at 6' and Josh at 5'8".  Both had light brown hair but Josh had blue eyes to Darren's green.  They looked like cousins if not brothers next to each other.

Darren leaned over a grabbed Jared into his arms and lifted him up off his feet saying, "How ya doing there, little guy?  It's great to be back up here with everyone.  But, when did Liam join our family?" he asked.

"Put me down, you big ape," said Jared laughing, "You do realize I'm taller, right?"  Once back on earth and standing on his own two feet, he looked at the new arrivals.  "I think you guys all know Liam from work.  He was a silent member of our family but circumstances have changed and he is now my boyfriend."

"Enough of this shit.  Same rooms as always?" asked Josh.

Darren smiled and said, "You were in everyone's room last year.  I don't think you even knew which one was yours."

"Bite me, hose puller," said Josh.

"I will.  Later tonight Josh, I will."

They emptied the SUV of luggage, beer, wine and food.  The cabin was alive with people moving luggage up the stairs into the bedrooms, putting groceries away and beer into the fridge.

They were all pushing, jabbing, ass grabbing and trying to sack each other in the kitchen when Jared spoke up, "You know the rules at this cabin, guys. You are overdressed."

The guys all ran up the stairs, continuing to poke at each other.  Liam smiled and said, "It's like having a bunch of teenagers here, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is.  Big well-hung men who are psychologically still teenagers.  I love them all as brothers," Jared replied.

They all came down the stairs at the same time, all naked.  The first down the stairs was Josh followed closely by Darren.  Josh was 25 years old had nice muscle definition and a solid chest.  He had a light covering of hair around his nipples.  Except for a well-defined treasure trail and trimmed bush, he was naturally hairless above.  His skin was deeply tanned and accentuated the hair on his legs.  His cock was about 3 inches long when soft, and about 6.5 inches hard, uncut and fairly thick too.  He and Darren looked about the same naked except Darren was a little bigger when hard at 7 inches.  Darren had shaved his chest and bush off, so his uncut dick looked even bigger. They both had solid butts from all the running they do.

Liam looked at him and asked, "You shave yourself?"

Josh laughed and answered for Darren, "He was feeling old when he turned 27 the other day and wanted to turn himself into a hairless twink again."

There was a sharp smack of a hand striking an ass causing Josh to jump forward while grabbing his butt.  "I turned 26 you little ditch pig.  I thought I'd try the shaving once to see if I liked it.  I'm going to let it grow back as the guys at fire hall razed me too much in the showers," Darren said and faked a pout.

Josh turned around to show us his cute ass and complained, "I have your hand print on my ass!" 

Darren hugged him and said, "It's ok, Joshie.  I will smack it some more later tonight for you."  Josh broke out of his grip and walked to the kitchen mumbling, "I need a beer."  Everyone started to laugh.  Darren followed him in.

Liam looked at Jared and asked, "What's a ditch pig?"

"Josh is on Highway Traffic Enforcement right now, and they sit in low areas or the ditches along the highway with radar guns or play in the mud.  Hence the name, ditch pig," said Jared.

"I heard that Jared!" yelled Josh from the kitchen. 

Darren then spoke up and said, "I would rather my son be a prostitute than marry a ditch pig.  At least prostitutes don't hide behind little bushes."  Everyone started to laugh while Josh feigned anger.

There was another smack on someone's ass.  Then Darren yelped as Josh spoke, "Payback hose puller, payback."

Tyler was standing behind Troy with his arms wrapped his boyfriend's chest.  Both were 25-year-old years old and 5'11". Troy was a paramedic who worked on a different shift at Jared's base.  Tyler was a police officer who worked with Josh.  Josh had actually set the two of them up to meet.  Tyler had close cropped hair, twinkling eyes and a killer smile.  He had a solid chest covered in brown hair which went all the way down to his cock.  His cut cock was about 3 inches soft and grew to about 6.5 when hard.  Tyler was the closest of all of them to having a six-pack.  His legs were well defined and covered in the same coloured hair as his chest.  Troy was blonde, and a cutie with brown eyes.  He was solid but not overly muscular.  He had fine blonde hairs on his chest, very sparse but they were there.  A slight treasure trail leads down to his blonde bush.  He sported a 4-inch cock when soft, and 8 inches when hard.  His cut cock was a little slimmer than everyone else's but was very impressive when hard. 

Troy looked at Jared and Liam and observed aloud, "You guys are over-dressed."  

Liam and Jared agreed and they both took off their loin cloths.  The group all got beer or water bottles and headed to the deck.  They sat around and discussed what they were going to do.  Jared spoke up and said, "It is about 4 in the afternoon now, so why don't we play volleyball for a while and relax.  Liam and I will make supper and grill the steaks.  I have elk steaks for you guys tonight."

They all got up and a couple went to the storage shed to find the net and volley balls.  Outside on the deck, Liam pulled Jared over to one side.  "I need a word with you for a minute."

"Sure.  What do you need, my love?" asked Jared looking at Liam with concern.

"I love it when you call me that.  Anyway, I have never been naked around so many guys like this.  With you, I was fine but these guys… are causing me some problems," stated Liam.  Jared noticed Liam had his hands in front of his very erect cock, trying to hide it.

Jared took Liam in his arms and held him tightly.  "Have no fear, Liam.  It's natural to get hard when you have all these hot looking guys around.  I know it's hard to believe, but you'll see all us getting hard-ons at times.  No one will ever think anything bad of you to have a hard dick flopping around now and then.  You'll get used to being naked around them.  If you don't feel comfortable, put the loin cloth on."

Liam looked at him and said, "I'll try and not to be so conscious about it and I'll try to keep my mind clear of looking at their bodies."

Jared chuckled and replied, "It really isn't anything for a stud like you to worry about.  In my mind, you are hotter than all of them."  He kissed Liam deeply and started to play with his ass cheeks.

Liam shuddered and said, "Jared, this isn't helping."

Jared got down on his knees and took Liam's throbbing cock into his mouth and sucked.  He started pumping Liam's cock with one hand while sucking on the hard cock.  Liam closed his eyes and grabbed the sides of Jared's head and held onto it as he bobbed up and down on the dick. 

A few moments later with help from Jared, Liam was getting close.

"Oh god Jared, I'm going to cum.  It's not going to take much more," squeaked Liam.  Liam tensed and shot his load into Jared's mouth.  Jared continued to suck as Liam leaned backwards against the cabin.  Jared let Liam's cock pop out of his mouth and looked up at Liam smiling, and licking his lips.

"That should help that big nasty thing from being hard for a bit," said Jared.  "You really were on a hair trigger this time.  You must have needed a release."

Liam looked at him and said, "I love you.  Thank you."  He leaned in a kissed Jared gently.

They were standing there looking into each other's eyes when a voice brought them back to reality.  "If you two are finished over there, we're ready for a volleyball game!" yelled Josh.  Liam and Jared smiled and then laughed, then went to join them in the game.

End of Chapter Five

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