Spanish Gold



Sam's father entered his new home office, that used to be Sam's bedroom, to use his computer.  Seeing that someone had been at his desk he was furious.  Then he saw that the paper on his desk was a note.  He sat and saw it was from the brat.  Now just how in the hell had he come to visit.  His fury was building until he saw the coins.


Gold coins, old gold coins, shiny old gold coins, heavy shiny old gold coins, six heavy shiny old gold coins.  They were very heavy, so not play coins but possibly real.  He scooped them up and pocketed them.  A search on the Internet gave him the address of a nearby coin dealer.


Entering the coin shop, Sam's father scanned the area.  He approached the counter as a man with a beard came out of the back room.  "How can I help you?" he asked.


Taking one coin out of his pocket he placed it on the pad on the counter.  The bearded man looked at it them put on a pair of white cotton gloves.  He picked up the coin and examined it carefully.  "Where did you get this?" he asked.


Something in the man's tone of voice made Sam's father cautious.  "Found it in some junk and thought it might worth something."


"This is illegal to own without proper paperwork.  All known coins of this minting were on a Spanish Galleon lost in a storm in the mid-Atlantic in 1687.  The Spanish government and the Mexican government are fighting over salvage rights when or if the wreck is ever located.  So for now that coin is more of a liability than anything," the man explained.


"So what is it worth?"


 "Well nothing as it is.  The gold is worth about $500.00, the historic coin maybe a couple of hundred thousand, with the proper paperwork and documentation.  By the time you finish with the lawyers it would cost you more than it is worth, anyway."  As the man talked he watched Sam's father closely.


Sam's father sighed, picked up his coin and left  the store and headed home.  He thought to himself, "just like that useless waste of DNA, give me something I can't do anything with."


The clerk followed Sam's father and at the door he flipped the 'OPEN' sign to 'CLOSED' and followed at a discreet distance.   If this guy had access to the Isabella and her treasure it would be worth billions on the black market or even melted down into bars.