The Tales of Kyle Esparar

Chapter One: A Subconscious Dream

Kyle Esperar woke up very early again, distraught and concerned for his three young friends. He was turning eighteen in two weeks, and that was the source of his problems. In just two weeks he would be turned out of the Serramonte Home for Disadvantaged Youth. Although Kyle was Gay, that wasn't why he was being turned out, in fact, his being Gay worked to his favour, as the Home received more money for Gay children then straight children. He was to be turned out because once he reached his majority, the Home received no more money for him.

Getting turned out wasn't a problem for Kyle, as he had been in the Home since he was thirteen, and before the new owners took over. Although the new owners had nothing but utter disdain for Kyle, due to his orientation, they were unable to do anything about him. Since Kyle brought in more money than the straight kids, they didn't want to lose their golden goose, so to speak. The fact that all of the local officials of the Department of Child Support Services knew and loved Kyle, and always asked about him and talked to him; might have had some influence as well. His problem wasn't finding a place to live, or even finding a job, as he had enough scholarships lined up to resolve that problem. He had learned to work the system early on, and he worked it to the max, and the new owners left him alone. His problem was Rex, Dennis and Meagan or more accurately, how he was going to protect them, once he was gone.


It all started about a year and a half ago, just after the California Coalition of Conservative Evangelicals took over the home. The CCCE were an amalgamation of cast off Pentecostals, Four Square and Concerned Christians For a Better America members who felt that their churches weren't god fearing enough, and were too lenient on their children. They were bound and determined to bring up their children the right way, God's Way, the one and only way, Their Way. Unfortunately for the CCCE, they were having a hard time recruiting enough members to become a viable and powerful force for the right. The Right Honorable Reverend LaVeyan Santorum, in a tongue speaking vision, declared that the mission of the CCCE from that day forward, would be to take over and run as many private orphanages and group homes that they could. And so the campaign to convert the children of California, and eventually the universe, began.

Kyle was just signing out to go to the library to do some research for one of his class papers at the local library. While he was accomplishing that task, the door opened and in walked a new DCSS Officer with three young Asian appearing children. Kyle waved hello to the officer and then headed out to the library. On the way to the library, he didn't think much about the new kids as he was thinking about his homework and even the fact that he was still single. Of course, finding a boyfriend while living in a Home where he was the only Gay person there was pretty tough. Although he was allowed to attend the local High School, his time was strictly monitored, he was very surprised that he was allowed to go to the library on his own. In fact, he probably had the new kids to thank for that, and the fact that the Home's Internet connection was down again. Kyle was beginning to believe that the frequent outages were completely bogus and fabricated by the staff. He thought it strange that whenever he or one of the other kids needed to go online for homework or whatever, the connection was down; yet whenever one of the staff, especially Reverend MorningStar needed to chat with the CCCE HQ, it worked.

When Kyle returned to the Home, he was utterly disgusted; he wasn't able to get the books he needed as they were 'Adult Reference Material' and he wasn't old enough to check them out, or even look at them. Sally Ann, one of the nicer Librarian's tried to get permission from the Home for him to view them, but was turned down flat, quite vehemently at that. That meant that Kyle would now have to go to school Monday morning at least an hour early, to use the School Library and hope they had the books he needed. His paper was on the effects of Abstinence and Sex Education on the rates of Teen Pregnancies and STD's.

The Staff member on duty tried to give Kyle a hard time about the call from the library, but Kyle just signed in and waved the idiot off and headed towards his room. His supposedly private room. Needless to say, when Kyle arrived at his room, he was shocked, so totally shocked that he was speechless. Gone was his Double Bed with his personal bedding and in its place were two sets of Bunk Beds. If that wasn't enough all three of the new kids were sitting there with tear stained faces, huddled together for protection. While he was royally pissed off for the gross invasion of his privacy and the apparent loss of his personal possessions; his heart went out to the poor kids. Now that he had gotten a better look at the three youngsters, he knew that they were screwed and royally screwed. For they weren't Asian as he had originally thought, but Amerasian and in a CCCE Home, that meant they were pariahs, or worse yet, shunned. Kyle was used to being an outcast, and at sixteen and a half, was mentally tough enough to handle being one. However, these kids were going to have it bad, really bad; if they were Asians it would have been bad enough for them. Being Asian, they would have had to suffer taunts and ridicule for not being white, but at least they would have been 'pure stock'! In any CCCE Home, if you couldn't pass for a WASP, life for those people was a pure living hell. Unfortunately for the new kids, they were of mixed race which meant they were unclean and couldn't associate with the other children, In fact, the CCCE Staff would never speak to them or even look at them. Kyle had a sinking suspicion that they were now his kids to take care of, and that if they needed anything, he would have to beg, borrow or steal it for them.

Kyle quickly realized that his scowl was probably scaring the hell out of the obviously traumatized kids; he then quickly put on an ear to ear smile.

"Hi guys, my name is Kyle and it looks as if you are my new roommates."

He then sat on the floor and looked at the three scared youngsters sitting on the bottom bunk of one of the beds. While he was trying to think about what to say or do next, he was also thinking; 'what in the hell am I going to do with a girl in my room, let alone two young boys?'

"Can you tell me your names and how old you are, so I don't have to call you Boy #1, Boy #2 and Girl?"

Kyle's funny question brought the beginning of a grin to the kids and the guarded looks began to disappear, just a bit. Seeing they still didn't trust him enough to answer him, he decided to try one more time.

"Okay, since you won't or can't tell me your names, here is what I am going to do." Kyle then pointed at the smaller boy and said;

"You are Big Boy," he then turned and pointed at the bigger boy. "You are Little Boy!"

Before they can respond, Kyle looked at the little girl and said;

"Cutie Pie, I am going to call you Princess."

Kyle's last silly comments brought true smiles to the kids for the first time.

"You be a silly boy, I be the little boy, not the big boy, and my name is Dennis." Giggled the littlest boy we now knew as Dennis.

"What are you going to do to us and what is going to happen to us?" Snarled the bigger kid.

"Well, that is a perfectly good question that I don't have all the answers to, just yet; but while you are here in my room, I will do everything I can to take care of you. Okay? Anybody hungry?" Kyle tried to answer the question but he really had no idea what the real answer was.

All three kids' faces lit up at his last question, so Kyle decided to take a chance; he reached out his hand toward the little girl.

"Princess, would you like to help me get some food for you and your brothers. We can go raid the fridge, and no one will stop us cause they are 'fraid of me?"

While Dennis almost fell over laughing, and even the biggest boy cracked a small grin, the little girl's response was precious. She jumped up, ran over and wrapped Kyle in a hug and then said.

"You be a silly man, but you're nice, and I like you. My name isn't Princess, it's Meagan, and yes I am hungry, so can we go get some food. Please?" Meagan then looked up at Kyle with her big brown eyes.

"Okay, Princess Meagan, let's go get us some food and leave the big boys alone to put everything away." Kyle then reached down and took Meagan's hand and before the boys could say anything, they were out the door and headed to the kitchen.

Over the next several days, things finally reached some semblance of normalcy. Kyle finally learned that the older boy's name was Rex, after he apologized for being so rude. Kyle did one thing that helped, although it did make the room a bit more cramped; he took one set of the Bunk Beds apart, and set the top bunk on the floor. That way he wouldn't have to worry about falling out of bed, if one of the kids needed help in the middle of the night.

Very early in the first morning after getting 'his children', Kyle woke up feeling as if he was on fire. He tried to get up and found two warm bodies snuggled against his side. When he tried to move his legs, he found a third body sprawled across them. Although Kyle was a bit perturbed that his sleep was disturbed; he still felt pleased that all the kids accepted him enough to sleep with him when they got scared or lonely.

Kyle gradually fell in love with the three he was now calling 'his kids' and worked very hard smoothing the way for them at the Home. Thanks to his protection, they weren't picked on or put upon as much as they could have been.

End Flashback:

Kyle decided he needed to think, and he needed to get away from the Home and its distractions to do that. So he hopped on the bus and headed to the Presidio, he loved meandering through all of the restored old buildings, as well as the new Starfleet ones. He had spent the last several days at the library, researching adoptions; he had to find a way to keep 'his kids' together. He knew he couldn't adopt them, but he was at least hoping he could find some way to help them. He came across several links to something called the SHA or Safe Haven Act, but he couldn't see how it could help him. For some reason, he never saw the notices about a Federation Youth Services Seminar being held at Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco and the Presidio.

After getting off the bus, Kyle wandered around for a few minutes until he found an unoccupied bench. Once he had found a seat, he stared out into the bay and let his mind wander through his thoughts, trying to make sense of them. While Kyle was in his thinking mode, he always leaned forward and rested his chin on his hands. He was in this position, looking as if he were sleeping, when he was discovered by Lt. Masterson of Starfleet Housing.

Lt. Brat Masterson thought the young teen was asleep, or in some kind of distress, so he carefully sat down next to the teen on the bench. Brat Masterson was on a break from the FYS Seminar put on by the FYS Director, one Teri Short. The Seminar was on the importance of the FYS and The SHA and its integration into FYS and Starfleet Policy. One of the new policies being discussed was the creation of a Liaison position between the FYS and Local Childrens' Shelters/Homes, similar to the positions created by Youth Services Oceania Director Linda Thomas. In addition to having Liaisons in the Childrens' Shelters and Homes, there would also be Liaisons stationed in any Federation or Starfleet Campus that didn't have an FYS Facility. This would assure that all Federation Employees would be fully aware of and conversant with all aspects of the SHA, including its connection to Clan Short. The Liaisons at the Homes and Shelters would have a threefold purpose. While ostensibly their purpose was to assist the Homes and Shelters with receiving FYS assistance, their real purposes were to ensure that the Homes and Shelters were actually assisting the children in their care. But that purpose was secondary, as well, to their purpose of assisting un-adoptable children in any way possible, including, when deemed necessary, sending them to Camp Little Eagle.

Brat sat patiently and just watched the young teen, with a professional eye for a few minutes; all he saw was a slightly concerned and pensive look on the teen's face. He didn't see any of the obvious signs of abuse or suicidal tendencies. The teen was well fed, well dressed and well groomed. His face wasn't drawn or gaunt and none of his features were pinched. Although Federation Medical Science had drastically reduced the incidences of depression, stress, trauma and tragedy could still cause depression and suicidal tendencies.

Kyle, meanwhile, had no idea that someone had not only sat down next to him, but was also intently studying him. Kyle loved the green grass and the expansive views of San Francisco Bay, with all the Sail Boats and Wind Surfers. Even with all the High Tech, there was nothing more beautiful to Kyle's eye than a sailboat gliding gracefully across the bay. Kyle had just about given up on arriving at a solution to his problem, when he realized that someone was trying to get his attention.

Brat had been quietly talking to the young teen for several minutes, with no result; when suddenly he found himself staring into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes.

Since Kyle had been lost so deeply in his thoughts, the only words that could escape his mouth were;

"Huh, what'd you say?"

Brat had to restrain his urge to laugh at the confused looks and words that were coming out of the youth's mouth. Once Brat finally got a good look at the teen's face, he thought 'Wow this kid is drop dead gorgeous' and for someone as straight arrow as Brat, that was quite a compliment.

"I was just telling you that my name was Lt. Brat Masterson, and I was asking if there was anything I could do to help you?"

"Uh, my name is Kyle Esparar, and, and, thanks, but I don't think you can help me," Kyle replied, slightly stuttering at the beginning of his reply. Suddenly, the light went on in Kyle's brain when he realized that he was talking to a Starfleet Officer. [Editor's double and is deliberate]{I figured that out, eventually.}(me too.)

"Ah, Lt. Masterson did you say your name was Brat and can I call you that?" Kyle questioned with a little more certainty in his voice.

"Yes Kyle, my first name is Brat, and in private, you are more than welcome to call me that. Did you think of something I can help you with?" Brat replied with a smile and tried to convey reassurance to Kyle.

"Thanks, Brat and well, maybe; you see …" Kyle then began telling his story and that of Rex, Dennis and Meagan.

When Kyle first began telling his story, Brat thought it was just about the violations of the SHA that Kyle was telling him, and those were quite a handful. Just to start with, there was Article 10 Section 10.1(b), Article 12 Section 12.2 (a)(b) and ( c ), as well as numerous violations of Article 81. Brat quickly realized that although those were a concern to Kyle, his main concern was what was going to happen to the three he called his kids.

"So you see, I need to find them a home, before I get turned out, tomorrow. Is there anything you can do to help them?" Kyle ended his story on a very plaintive note.

"Yes, Kyle, I do believe there is something we can do to help them. I have to admit, you are a wonderful person to put the children ahead of yourself and to deprive yourself of fun and private time, for them. Now, here is what is going to happen; I need to make a few calls before I can actually tell you what is going to happen. While I am making the calls, I want you to go over to that coffee stand and get both of us the biggest Frozen White Chocolate Mochas that they have. Can you do that for me?" Brat replied to Kyle's very earnest question with one of his own. Brat then got out his wallet and handed Kyle a few bills before Kyle had a chance to even think, let alone respond.

"Ahh, ahh okay, if you think you can help them, thanks!" Kyle took the bills and headed to the Cappuccino Cowboy Shack, about a hundred yards away.

'Okay, now, let's see if I can really make this work, the three bedroom apartment that just went vacant will work nicely, for now. Now, if Director Short and Commander Martin can just do their part.' Brat's thoughts were going a thousand miles an hour, as he pulled out his communicator.

"Lt. Masterson to Director Short of FYS, regarding an SHA intervention, and then I will need to speak to someone in Security."

"One moment, Lieutenant, Director Short will be right with you, as well as Commander Martin, Director of Security for Southeast North America. Will that be satisfactory?"

"That will be perfectly satisfactory, I will await their call. Masterson out."

Before Brat could even put his communicator back on his belt, he had an incoming call.

"This is Lt. Brat Masterson."

"Lt. Masterson, this is Director Short and Commander Martin, we understand you may have an SHA intervention, and you require some assistance. Is this the case?" Teri cut quickly to the chase with no opening pleasantries; when it came to children that needed help, she was all business.

"Yes Ma'am, and yes sir, this is the situation..." Brat then relayed all of what Kyle had told him. "Now, this is what I would like to do..."

"Lt. Masterson, first let me say thank you very much for actually paying attention at the seminar, and understanding what we are trying to do. You have my full approval for everything you want to do, and I excuse you from the rest of the seminar. I will make sure that you get a copy of the whole seminar. Now, Commander Martin has a few words for you." Teri and John were conducting the seminar from the comforts of the Clan Compound in Orlando, by Video Conference.

"First off, Lieutenant, I concur completely with Director Short. Now, if only more young officers like yourself paid attention to what is important. Second, do you have a Tricorder or PADD with you?" Commander Martin inquired of the now stunned Lt.

"Yes sir, I have a PADD issued to me for my job and I was using it to take notes of the seminar." Brat replied very politely.

"That is perfect. If you can just give me its ID Number, I will be able to provide you with the assistance you need."

"Commander, the number is . . ." Brat read off the number to the Commander and awaited a reply. Instead of a reply, he got a beep on his PADD and a new rotating icon on the screen.

"Okay, Lt. Masterson your PADD should be upgraded, and you should see a new Icon. Do you see the Icon?"

"Yes, Commander, I do."

"Okay, now hold out your hand about six inches from your chest." Commander Martin's request made no sense to Brat, but he followed the request promptly.

"Okay now in about three seconds, a brand new prototype communicator will be transported to your hand. That communicator is keyed to your PADD, and to the Director's and Mine, as well. Just give it to Kyle, and when you have the verification you need, perform the intervention. Don't worry, the communicator looks like a gift shop pin. Martin and Short out." As Commander Martin finished his instructions, two things happened; the communicator appeared right where promised, and Kyle returned.

Brat quickly puts both his PADD away, and the new communicator into his pocket.

"Awesome, Kyle, this will hit the spot perfectly," Brat said as he reached out and took his mocha before it froze Kyle's hand permanently.

Kyle didn't even bother saying thank you, before blurting out his question.

"How did your calls go? Can you help my kids?"

"Slow down a sec, Kyle at least let me have a sip or two of my mocha; my throat is parched." Brat replied with a smile on his face, and in his voice. I am so glad that I will be able to help him and his kids.

"Okay, but I only have until Four PM tomorrow before I have to leave the Home. I have a place to stay with a schoolmate, until I can get my scholarships and stuff straightened out." Kyle answered slowly, trying not to stutter in his excitement and worry.

"Okay, my call actually went very well, due to an interesting coincidence. I only needed to make one call, and I should be able to help..."

"You can? How? Can we go right now..." Brat had to put his drink down and put his hand across Kyle's mouth to silence the very, very excited teen.

Kyle, you are going to have to sit quietly and let me explain what has to happen, before I can help them. Can you do that for me?" Brat then removed his hand from the mouth of the chagrined teen.

"Yes, sir, sorry, sir, I can do that, and thank you." A subdued Kyle responded.

"It's okay, Kyle, you were right to get excited, it is just that we don't have a lot of time, and we have a few things to take care of. Now, for this to work, I need to take you home, and you need to take your kids around the home and attempt to interact with everyone. Don't worry, I will be close by, and I won't let anything bad happen or let anyone get hurt. I am going to give you a communicator that you will wear, and it will be turned on, now, this communicator only transmits, so don't worry about it making noise. This communicator is a special Security Model and is a one time use only device." Brat paused while he reached down and got his PADD.

"The communicator will be transmitting directly to my PADD, and recording everything it sees and hears. Two friends of mine will receive the data, as well. As soon as I have seen or heard everything I need, I will come in and take your kids to their new home, and don't worry, they will be well taken care of. I believe your story, but for legal reasons, I need actual proof. Do you understand what we need to do?"

"I think so, you want me to take Rex, Dennis and Meagan out of our room, into the rest of the Home, so you can see and hear how we get treated. Is that right?" A suddenly secure sounding teen questioned Brat.

"That's exactly right. Now, if we want your kids to be in their new home before dinner, we need to get a move on. I need the address to the Home, so I can arrange transportation." Brat responded to Kyle while thinking, 'He is going to pitch a fit when he finds out his kids new home is close to here, and has a wonderful view of the bay.'

Kyle quickly gave Brat the address and a quick communicator call later and Brat and Kyle were standing next to the Serramonte Home for Disadvantaged Youth. Brat gave Kyle a quick hug and then clicked on the new icon on his PADD, and once it was up and running, he told Kyle to go on in.

Kyle headed on inside, hoping that the Lieutenant's plan would work. He didn't really worry about what happened to him, but his kids deserved better. Once in their room, Kyle explained only the first part of the plan; just in case it didn't work.

As expected, the kids weren't too excited or happy about the plan, but they loved Kyle and so they did what he asked. Of course, Kyle found it very hard walking with Dennis plastered to one side and Meagan to the other. Rex was slowly bringing up the rear, mere inches away from Kyle, as well.

As it had been several weeks since any of the kids, Kyle included, had been in the so-called 'Family Room,' the response was far more shocking than Kyle had ever imagined. The kids in the room were absolutely terrible; the names, taunts and jeers were flying so fast Kyle couldn't separate them. But the worst occurred when Reverend Morningstar yelled at Kyle to get those &^&)^ Spawn out of his sight.

While this was going on, Brat was staring and listening in utter shock at what was occurring. It was far worse than Kyle had told him. Those kids' lives were in mortal danger. Just as Brat reached for his communicator, he heard Commander Martin shouting;

"Move! It's a GO!"

At the same time, a four-man Starfleet Security team beamed down nearly on top of Brat. Without even waiting for the Security Team to introduce themselves, Brat drew his Phaser and was headed into the Home. With Brat leading the charge, he and the Security Team were in the 'Family Room' before Kyle had time to even turn around to head for his and his kids' room.

"Kyle, take your kids and go with this officer outside, I will be with you as soon as I have concluded business, here." Brat then pointed to one of the Security Officers who looked younger than Kyle.

Kyle didn't even respond, he just grabbed Dennis and Meagan and headed outside as fast as possible. The young Security Officer never blinked either; he just picked up Rex and headed after Kyle. Since the Security Team was handpicked and personally trained by Commander Martin, they knew not to ask questions, just respond, and respond immediately.

Once they were all outside and all three of the kids had attached themselves like leeches to Kyle, the young officer knelt down and spoke.

"Kyle, you can tell your kids that courtesy of Starfleet and the FYS, they will have a new home in a few minutes, where they will be loved and spoiled to death."

Kyle was still in shock, and just stared at the officer for a few moments.

"Thanks;" was all Kyle was able to squeeze out.

Inside the Home, Lt. Masterson was busy reading the staff, including the Reverend Morningstar, the riot act. While he was doing that, a team of Child Care Providers had beamed in, courtesy of the FYS. Once the Lt. had finished reading the Riot Act and had explained what was going to happen, the Security Team began beaming all of the staff, starting with The Right Honorable Reverend Morningstar, and the rest of the CCCE Staff to the brig in Orlando. Commander Martin had ordered, with Director Short's concurrence, that Orlando could better take care of these criminals. The Security Team was hoping they would get transferred to Clan Short Jurisdiction before being tried by the Federation. The Security Team had no love lost for those who oppressed children in any way shape or form. As soon as he could, Brat headed outside.

While the Lieutenant was tying up loose ends inside, the young Security Officer was regaling Kyle and his kids with stories of the Clan, especially William and Timmy playing tag aboard the Lafayette. The kids almost fell over giggling when he told them what happened to Beau when he tried to cure Timmy of the 'measles'. It seems that Timmy didn't want to go to some boring dinner, so he and Ricky used magic markers to give themselves spots. When Beau saw them, he thought they were in pain, because Timmy was moaning and groaning. Beau being the kind soul that he is, quickly moved to Timmy's bed, placed his hands on Timmy and in seconds, no spots on Timmy. Beau was now wearing the spots, but he didn't feel any itching or other symptoms. Just then William came flying in, followed by Cory, and proceeded to give Timmy a good talking to. Unfortunately for poor Beau, he had to wear the spots for a week or so until they naturally wore off. Before he could go any farther, the Lieutenant arrived.

"Kyle, you were awesome; you did everything right, and we got everything we needed. Your kids are now safe, and if you are ready, we can take them to their new home; once that is done, we will take care of you for the evening. Are you ready to go?" The Lieutenant really didn't need Kyle to answer, as the usually reticent Rex had grabbed his hand.

"Please, please get us out of here. Can we go to our new home, and is Kyle coming with us?" Rex was talking so fast Brat could hardly understand him. However, the look on Kyle's face gave him the only answer he needed.

"Okay, kids, and Kyle too, I need you to stand a little apart from each other and stand perfectly still. I am going to make a quick call and then you are going to feel a tickling or tingling sensation for a few seconds, and then we will all be at your new home. Okay, can you do that for me?"

Instead of answering, everyone just moved into position and the kids became statues. Not wanting to waste a second, Brat quickly used his communicator.

"Starfleet HQ, six to beam to prearranged coordinates."

"Acknowledged, Lieutenant."

Before the word Lieutenant was finished, all six were standing on the Transport Pad in front of one of the Apartment Buildings Starfleet kept for Families of visiting dignitaries, or Federation or Starfleet Officers on long-term Detached Duty.

"Yes kids, this is where you will be living now, and before I show you exactly where you will be living, I need to explain a few things. Don't worry, they are good things, very good things. Okay, will you listen to me for just a minute? And by the way, I am Kyle's friend, Lt. Brat Masterson, and I work for the Federation and particularly, Starfleet. In fact, I just happen to be in charge of these buildings as part of my job." Brat waited until he had all eyes upon him before continuing.

"Okay now, first things first, Kyle, I know you wanted to go to college, but that is going to have to wait a few months. And before you get all upset, just listen to me, please?" Brat continued before Kyle could respond, "Tomorrow, you are starting training for your new job; your training will be at Starfleet HQ, but don't worry you won't be working there. Also, don't worry about where you will be living, as I have that covered as well. Now, your kids will be living on the top floor, in a beautiful three bedroom apartment, including a balcony with picturesque views of the bay. They will be living with the newest FYS Liaison to the California Department of Child Support Services. Kyle, your first job will be helping FYS fix your old home. If you haven't figured it out yet; that means you are your kids' new father! Congratulations, Kyle, you and they, deserve it, and each other."


Author's Notes:

This is my first real and completely my own CSU Short Story; although I have co-written and have had input in several other stories, this one is all mine. I hope you enjoy my view of the CSU and what is possible under the SHA and the FYS.

Here is a link to a video that I feel portrays the need for the Safe Haven Act and Clan Short in real life – For Them by Troye Sivan, courtesy of Crackerwriter.

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P.S. There will not be any other chapters in this story, written by me. However, the characters and scenarios are available for other authors to use. If you want to read more of Kyle, Rex, Dennis and Meagan read Chapter Twenty Three of Memories Book Three.

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Very nice story. It is wonderful to see FYS at work.


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