Poetry By Mikiesboy: Book One

On White Feathers

I bring you some Blank Verse, an excellent form for story telling.

Written for a special man who needed it. I hope you enjoy it ....



I wish I could quietly follow you

to that sad and dark place where you reside

I would be only silent company

a patient, yet a knowing companion

You could talk or rail at the cruel world

pace; rant, let the universe know your cares

let go the anguish and hurt you carry

freeing your mind from the grim thoughts that haunt

for they are lies, I know they not be true

I will wait with you as this storm passes

blending in, I am your strength-in-waiting

you need only hold out your hand to ask

I will soothe your hurting with my body

Calm a fevered brow with gentle, cool lips

let my mute tears transport your agony

And your pain I will send on white feathers

far and away, buoyed by gentle sweet winds

until forlorn thoughts frequent you no more

leaving you sated; finally, in peace


* * * * * * * *