Hearts Across Space

Glossary of Geminian Terminology


  • Archon – Military/Government/PSI Leader of a District/Clan 14-22 Turnings, usually male although female Archon’s are not unknown
  • Archonate – Planetary Governing Council
  • Arconate – District/Provincial Governing Council


  • Bondling – Younger (usually) Companion of Archon – secretary, psi booster, physical-emotional companion. Usually same sex as Archon but not necessarily.
  • Balnea – Bathroom based on early Roman Spas before the large Thermaes or Baths


  • Callisto, Tears of – See Tears of Callisto


  • Decad – A team of Ten Soldiers usually led by a Commissioned Officer, with a non-commissioned officer and eight soldiers.


  • Ebru Labadon's Castle – Geminian equivalent of Terran Hell
  • 'EGG'– (ERG) – Energy Crystal common to Gemini and its asteroids, quartz-like able to increase energy field fed to by geometric multiples. Able to be manipulated by magnetic or psychic fields. Able to boost psychic energies by immense multiple. Also known as Geminian Energy Crystal. The 'EGG' provides power for all aspects of Geminian vehicles including Spaceships both Mercantile and Military. The 'EGG' can protect itself with a force-field against manipulation by anyone not keyed into it' matrix. Normally only planet born Geminians can manipulate The 'EGG'


  • Gemini – Main planet of the Geminian Confederation
  • Growler – Phonically modulated laser weapon available as a hand-held pistol style or shoulder held rifle style as well as a tripod-mounted team version. Similar to a phaser yet much more powerful and versatile because of the multiple combined coherent light sources. Powered by an 'EGG' and fuel cell power pack
  • Gemini, Tears of   - See Tears of Gemini
  • Geminian Energy Crystal see 'EGG'


  • Iridium – Metal native to The Geminiian Planetary System – It seems to be a mixture of Terran Silver and Terran Gold. With the malleability of both but not tarnishable and of the strength of a similar weight of stainless steel. The colour is neither Silver nor Gold yet both. Imagine if you can a Gold Necklace with a translucent silver coating. This is a poor example but unless you see the metal it is all we have to go on.


  • "Keeper of The Planet" - Similar to GAIA and Mother Earth – Yet has a Physical Presence when necessary. Keystone of Geminian metaphysical beliefs.   Throughout Geminian history has been to known to single out individuals who have the planets best interests at heart. See Tears. Also known to function through Avatars. Not known for direct action usually suggest or guides through Avatars, Dreams, prophecies or suggestions.


  • Marshal – Equivalent to a Commodore in The Terran Navies yet with Planetary Administrative Powers similar to those of a Colonial Viceroy.
  • Matter Trans – device to transmit matter at the molecular lever, in standard use throughout Geminiian space for transmission of necessary medical and survival materials. Weight and distance barriers. [Eyes Only – Top Secret – Members  of 'PS’ wearing 'Tears’ are rumoured to be able to transmit selves through Matter Trans – Top Secret – Eyes Only]
  • ' Mic’ – minute in Geminiian terminology


  • Physico – A combination Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist and Chiropractor all rolled into one. Geminian’s believe in treating the body as a whole.
  • Plaser ~ Pulsed Laser
  • 'PS’ – Planetary Security a secretive semi-governmental agency whose majority are believers in 'The Keeper" many members have 'Tears’ total number of members is unknown.


  • Solarius – Sun of Gemini slightly younger  and larger than the Terran Sun  'Sol’ . Solarius has  a slightly different Kelvin Temperature also which leads to a slightly more purple cast to the sky.


  • Tear(s) of Callisto – Extremely Rare Naturally Occurring Tear Drop Shaped Crystal – Similar to 'EGG' but of the clearest and Deepest Sapphire Color with a fire unsurpassed by any other stone, natural or artificial. Usually approximately 2 (inches) in length. Like The 'EGG' The Tears have the same force field properties only with The Tears the force field extends to protect its wearers. The Tears also act as Psychic Amplifiers of an unknown power. The extent of the psychic amplification depends on the individual's psychic abilities/power and whether they are Bonded or not.   Bonded pairs have a far higher boost capability, and are able to extend the force field to include people near them.
  • Tear(s) of Gemini – Similar to the Tears of Callisto but absolutely clear with the same fire and inner light. (Although the Tears of   Gemini and The Tears of Callisto may be found in nature it is an extremely rare occurrence, only a few of each have been found in the History of Gemini. However, the majority of the known Tears in existence have been given by "The Keeper of The Planet" what criteria is used is unknown. However, the wearers of either Tears’ have been among the Confederations Brightest and most Admirable. Excerpted from The Unexpurgated History of Gemini by Master's J'ff and G'un )
  • Tear(s) of "The Keeper" - Rumoured to exist yet never seen – supposedly clear yet blue at the same time. Since they have never been reliably seen no further information is available.