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Errata V: The Raderian and Darrylian Indices

From the Research by D'ark


The Raderian and Darrylian Indices are the Indices used to quantify Empathic and Telepathic Skills and Strengths. These Indices are the standards used throughout the Geminiian Confederacy to quantify these Skills and Strengths.

Darrylian Telepathic Index:

Ranges from a value of Zero to a top value of Two Hundred.

The index rating is based on the combination of scores in several different areas of telepathy.

This includes the range of reception and sending and the weight of objects raised or moved. It also includes the distance between the object and the Telekineticist AKA TKer. Other things taken into account are the number of people the sender can send to and the number of people a sender can receive. The depth or completeness of the thoughts sent or received is also factored into the equation.

Types of Telepaths:

Sender ~ 

A person who can only send thoughts with some degree of strength and completeness.

Receiver ~ 

A person who can only receive thoughts with some degree of strength and completeness.

Catalyst ~ 

A Catalyst is a Telepath who can open latent Telepathic Channels or increase the ability of already open ones. Catalyst Telepaths are not always available to send or receive, most can only send slightly. The majority of known Catalysts needed to be in contact with a person in order to open their channels. S'ean Castellano is one of the few known Telepaths in Geminiian History to be able to open channels without contact. D'ani is another Catalyst Telepath but that is another story.

Channel ~ 

A Channel is a Telepath who has the ability to open a channel for another Telepath to reach someone they normally would not be able to. Channels can also act as range extenders.

Complete ~ 

A person who has at least three out of the four Telepathic Skills. A Complete Telepath is very rarely a Catalyst they are usually only able to both send and receive to differing degrees. Due to the fact that Catalysts are so rare it has become common practice to call someone who can both send and receive a Complete Telepath. S'ean Castellano is a Complete Telepath in all senses of the word.

Types of Telepathy:

Sending ~ 

Basically the ability to send thoughts to a person or persons without being in contact with the person or persons.

Receiving ~ 

Basically the ability to receive thoughts from a person or persons without being in contact with the person or persons.

Contact ~ 

Basically the ability to send and receive thoughts only while in contact with the person or persons the thoughts are being sent to or received from.

Telekinesis ~ 

The ability to move objects without touching them.

Channeling ~ 

The ability to allow other Telepathic Individuals to connect with someone the Channel is connected to. The ability to extend the range of some Telepaths when necessary to connect to persons outside their normal range. L'ogen and C'obi are Telepathic as well as Empathic Channels along with A'lexii.

[Mind Control is more of an Empathic issue than a Telepathic One.]

Raderian Emphatic Index:

Ranges from a value of Zero to a top value of One Hundred and Seventy Five. The rating is based on a cumulation of scores based on testing of the various types and strengths of empathy.

Types of Empaths:

Contact ~ 

A person who can only send or receive emotions while in physical contact with a person.

Receptive ~ 

A person who can receive emotional content from another person without physical contact.

Projective ~ 

A person who can project emotional content to another person without physical contact with the person or persons they are projecting to. Certain levels of Projective Empaths such as A'lexii can actually influence a persons moods with his projections.

Channel ~ 

A Channel is a Empath who has the ability to open a channel for another Empath to receive or send emotions or heal someone they normally would not be able to. A Channel can also allow Empaths not physically present to perform Physical, Mental or Psychic Healing. L'ogen and C'obi are Empathic as well as Telepathic Channels along with A'lexii.

Panoptic ~ 

A Panoptic Empath is one who encompasses all types of Empathy and usually can do this without contact. A'lexii is a Panoptic Empath as is S'ean only not to the same degree. Ambrosius may be also, however, there is very little data available on his projective abilities. The majority of Panoptic Empaths are also Healers or Physicos.

Types of Empathy:

[Note: All person emote an empath is able to send emotions with the clarity and depth or intensity necessary for them to be used as communication and or healing by an Empathic Healer.]

Emotional ~ 

The ability to sense or send the emotions and moods of an individual.


Physical ~ 

The ability to heal physical ailments through mental manipulation and or at least block pain.

Emotional ~ 

The ability to heal emotional traumas and stresses or at least minimize their damage

Absorptive ~ 

The ability to reduce or heal injuries and traumas by absorbing or transferring them to themselves also known as transference

Psychic ~ 

The ability to heal Empathic and Telepathic Channels.

Panoptic ~ 

Encompasses all of the healing modes; and are extremely rare.


Not all Telepathic Individuals are Empathic and not all Empathic Individuals are Telepathic. The best of each have at least a small measure of the other skill. Most Physicos are very strong Empaths at least 100 or higher on the Raderian Index also at least medium strength Telepaths. Ambrosius score 110 on the Raderian Index and approximately 115 to 120 on the Darrylian Index. A'lexii on the other hand scores 140 on the Raderian Index and 130 on the Darrylian Index. A'ndreas's scores surprisingly are very close to Ambrosius's, which would explain why he was able to develop S'ean's Empathic Skills so well. S'ean scored 100 Raderian Index and 170 on the Darrylian Index. The Bond of S'ean and A'lexii scored over 200 on the Darrylian Index and 150 on the Raderian Index when they first bonded; years later when they were retested their score was unmeasurable. There were several reasons for this First being the fact that there was no way of measuring a Tripartite Bond and Second the fact that S'ean was also a Catalyst Telepath.

 A more detailed explanation of the Indices will be available in a future Errata.

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