After Ragnarok

Chapter 03: The Devourer

Xulin took the time sliding down the roots to think, As Yggdrasil attempted to strengthen its newly revived root, vines shot down towards Nifelheim over his head, sealing him inside this tunnel-esque chamber. His clothing heated slowly from the friction. He was going to feel it for quite a while. His mind kept traveling to Yari. He'd lost sight of him soon after screaming his name. He shrugged it off, attempting to ignore his feelings. They had a job, and the Einherjar was quite capable of handling himself...he hoped. He heard 'scrit scrit' behind him, attempting to find it he saw the squirrel jump over him and land on his foot. "....Ratatosk...thanks for the heads up."

"Hey don't blame me I was just passing through, besides you were going this direction anyway," Xulin was becoming annoyed by the squirrel's rapid speech, but gave it an incredulous look over its apparent knowledge. "I travel the tree of life, I hear everything happening everywhere." It paused. "Everything." It looked about then made a clawing motion. "Fenrir is-"

Abruptly Xulin heard his feet make a sickening crackling sound as he hit the ground, in a lever action he was smacked face down onto Yari who lay on the ground eliciting an "OOF" Yari pushed Xulin off of him and fumed a bit. "Awesome, just...just great. Lets save the world, fight minions of evil.....riding the slide to hell was not in the description!" Xulin rolled back closer to Yari and place a hand over his mouth. The Einherjar had already quieted as he saw what Xulin was attempting to quiet him over.

"NIDHOGG!" The two warriors turned about dilating. Ratatosk spoke in a horridly loud voice. The creature behind them began to move slowly. Xulin drew his swords, and Yari his axe, slowly returning their gaze to the Devourer of Souls.

Nidhogg's long neck snaked independently of its head. Until they moved completely from it, one would have sworn the creature was made of insects. As the last centipede dropped and escaped Nidhogg's head rose and it opened its eyes. Xulin assumed it was opening its eyes, as blood began dripping from the sockets. A claw reached out and scraped the ground not 2 feet from Yari who didn't flinch. He had died once already, he didn't mind doing it again.

Xulin attempted to keep his cool. Until it spoke. "Rattttattttoskkkk" its voice held the hard consonants longer than he thought possible. His brain had trouble comprehending the sounds. He shuddered at the horrible sound. A scream escaped its mouth as opened again. A scream of a soul tormented for all time. Its head turned to the side of the small cavern and dove into a wall. Pulling back the body of another mortal, long dead was gulped in one motion. Xulin stepped back; he emptied the last meal he had onto the floor. Attempting to regain his composure he moved into a fighting stance. "Leave Me" It lowered its head to the floor, the scream of another devoured soul escaped. Yari turned quickly and scooped up the squirrel and shoved him in his satchel before it could enrage the dragon. Ratatosk's muffled rebukes to both the dragon and the warriors went unheard. "Bbbby my ppppridddde, has the worldddd bbbbeen ddddesttttroyeddd. I shall notttt pppparttttakkkke aggggain." In a floating motion it moved aside giving the warriors passage into the deeper parts of Nifelheim.