Jared the Paramedic

Chapter 2: Liam

"Jared, we've been working together long enough and I feel like I can talk to you about just about anything. I'm relieved and happy you weren't shot today."

Jared looked at Liam for a long moment, "And I did hear you. I'm sorry, I hadn't thought of it from your point of view. I value you as a partner and a friend as well."

"I enjoy working with you and I don't want a new partner. I also don't have a lot of friends to lose as well."

"I enjoy working with you too, Liam, now shut up and drive to the coffee shop."

The two men had just finished their coffee when a call was dispatched to them. It was a shortness of breath call which could in reality be the result of any number of medical problem. When they arrived, they found a 75 year old lady having difficulty breathing from bronchitis. Her daughter was present, and made it quite clear she thought she was in control of the situation.

Liam was conducting the examination while Jared was setting up the oxygen and salbutamol nebulizer for their patient to use. A complete history and exam is always necessary to correctly diagnosis the problems; it is too easy to focus on the breathing and miss other life threatening conditions. As usual, they were calling out numbers and acronyms to each other after completing something… sharing their findings so they could make treatment decisions together.

Liam called out, "PMS present, unremarkable."

"Doesn't surprise me considering the remarkable general condition of our patient." Jared was listening through his stethoscope to the patients breathing. He looked in the patient's eyes and smiled while he said, "She can't be a day over 50, who told us 70?"

The patient smiled back at him.

The daughter suddenly let loose with a verbal barrage. "What the hell do you mean her PMS is present and unremarkable. If something that personal was any of your business you could have asked and I could have told you she can't have PMS because she entered menopause years ago."

Liam looked up with no emotion on his face. "I have no clue what your talking about."

"Don't you lie to me, you just talked about her PMS."

Liam smiled at the lady, which caused her to get even madder. "You son of a bitch, you think this is funny?"

"No, I don't think PMS is funny, if its absent… that means serious consequences for the patient. We need to check all four of the limbs to ensure it's present. The pulse, motor, and sensation test on the limbs tells us a lot of information," said Liam calmly.

The patient now spoke up, "Delores, these two know what they are doing…"

She tried to cut her mother off, "But mom, I need to look out for you..."

The patient held up her hand in the stop position. "I've had enough of you trying to help today, and you're interfering with them. I was a nurse for nearly 40 years and never heard anyone question any medical personnel about the term PMS. They either understood or trusted us."


"But nothing. You just made a fool of yourself and pissed me off too. I love you, thank you for helping, would you follow us down to the hospital and shut up."

Delores turned red, crossed her arms while looking at the floor. She looked up and said, "I apologise."

The old lady smiled and reached out a hand to her daughter. "Now that's the girl I know and love."

Jared smiled at the two ladies, "You remind me of my cousin Melanie… she's a nurse/medic."

"What would her full name be?"

"Melanie Bear."

The older lady looked at Jared for a moment in deep thought before speaking, "Melanie Bear? Fantastic student. I was one of her instructors in nursing."

Jared put a big smirk on his face as he replied, "I'm beginning to understand her disposition more now."

The patient smiled an evil smile back to Jared, "You paid by the call or the hour? Get your ass in gear, Medic."

Jared laughed, "Now I know for sure why she is the way she is." Both the patient and Jared laughed as Liam and Delores looked at each in confusion. The rest of the call was easy with Jared and his patient chatting as they drove her to the hospital. Jared's patient received VIP treatment as soon as the ER staff saw who he had brought in, the result of her being the instructor for many of the nurses on duty as well.

They had just cleared the hospital when a call came in for them to attend a serious motor vehicle accident in a multiple unit response. Jared acknowledged the call to dispatch while hitting the lights and siren. He looked at his partner Liam and said, "Let's go!"

As Liam was driving to the call, Jared found himself as co-pilot in the passenger seat. The co-pilot in an ambulance is one of the most difficult jobs facing anyone. They must remain quiet, not scream at near misses or frantically yell how to drive at the driver either. Fortunately, Liam was actually a very good driver which made Jared very happy.

It did give Jared a chance to think about Liam. Although he was relatively new to the job, Liam was very good at it. The two have them seemed to mesh the first time they had met about 6 months ago and Liam was upset about Jared possibly being hurt on their recent call. On so many levels, it seemed like they were meant to be partners on the job. They worked together well as a team, and many times they just seemed to anticipate each other's actions on a call. They both also loved their jobs as paramedics. They could look into in each other's eyes and feel comfortable doing so or they could sit together and not say a word, in total comfort of the silence. There was something between the two men, but neither knew what it was.

Overall, Liam looked like he spent a lot of time swimming. Liam was a 22 years old, blue eyed, curly blond, well put together man. He was 6' and tanned nicely. Jared had seem him in the locker room in his tight briefs a couple of times noting he had nice solid chest, not overly muscled, with a light covering of blonde hair, full sized nipples, and a good sized package hiding in the pouch of his underwear. Jared also liked his cute bubble butt. Liam had conditioned long legs which had fine blond hairs running down them. Jared had never seen him naked, but he could imagine the package being hidden in the underwear. Jared really liked the way Liam was smart, confident, had a good sense of humour as well as being a great guy to be around. Jared glanced briefly at Liam again with a fleeting look at the large package being confined by his tight uniform pants. One could dream thought Jared.

Jared's thoughts were interrupted when they arrived at the accident scene. Another unit was already at the scene as well as a multitude of fire fighters and police. Jared and Liam did the usual things, and were given the responsibility to transport one victim to the Emergency Department. The patient assigned to them by the Scene Triage Medic was in bad shape and Jared knew the man wasn't going to make it. This would be this man's second last trip in a vehicle, the last being a hearse. His gift told Jared it was the end of this man's journey in life and not to interfere.

Jared was just pulling the unit in through the receiving doors when the patient's heart stopped. Although futile, Liam started CPR just as treatment protocols required and yelled at Jared in the front of the ambulance, "He's coded." Jared parked the unit and yelled at the nurses in emergency through the sliding doors while running to open the back doors of the ambulance. They pulled the stretcher out of the unit and pushed it into the waiting treatment room, giving a verbal report as the trauma team took over their patient. Liam and Jared went outside to clean up the unit. It was near the end of their shift and they had to restock supplies.

One of the nurses came into the ambulance bay and approached them. "I'm sorry guys. I know you did everything as did we, but he didn't make it," she said.

She looked at them both, and smiled. She was looking the two over and thinking to herself, "What a pair of hotties. Wonder if they would date me at the same time; maybe even in bed with at the same time." Her face flushed with the thought as she walked away from them. She looked over her shoulder just before going back into the ER and called out, "Hope to see you again soon, I hope." Jared smiled at her and waved.

Liam was quiet. Jared looked at him and asked, "Are you ok?"

Liam looked at him and said slowly, "I don't know how you do it. You're so calm while dealing with all this tragedy and death. Nothing ever seems to faze you. This is the part I don't enjoy… when we can't make a difference and save them."

Jared thought for a moment and replied, "Death is a normal part of life. Although it sounds cold, it is a fact. When a person has walked their path of life, the journey on this existence is over and they move onto the next one." Liam looked at Jared with his beautiful blue eyes and had a tear slowly leaking out of one.

"Does it get any easier for us to lose our patients in spite of everything we do?" he asked.

Jared looked at him and said quietly, "Liam, it takes time for all of us to accept that we can only prolong life in those cases which were supposed to continue, and the other ones are in the hands of the Creator for his protection." Liam looked away and started to put the bags away that he had filled with new supplies. He seemed deep in thought.

Jared looked at him and said, "Liam, you're obviously upset about this. After we get to the base and park the unit, let's get changed and I will take you out for dinner where we can talk some more. Is that OK? I mean if you're too busy…"

Liam stopped, and looked at Jared, and said too quickly, "I would love it. I mean, like it. I mean… yes, that would be nice."

Jared had never seen Liam this tongue tied before and he looked so cute while trying to recover. Liam blushed and looked away from Jared. They finished up and drove back to the base. After handing in the paperwork and changing into street clothing, they headed out to a restaurant Jared knew had booths. This would allow them to speak without being overheard.


Jared frequented the place and was met at the door by the Maitre'D who welcomed him by name in French. "Bonjour, Jared. How are you today my friend?"

Jared replied back in French, "Very good, and you sir?" Jared continued except in English, "Pierre this is my friend and paramedic partner, Liam. Liam, this is Pierre, the Maitre'D at one of the finest French restaurants outside of Quebec." They both shook hands.

In English, the Maitre'D said, "It is a pleasure to meet you, Liam, and welcome to my restaurant." Pierre looked at Jared and said in French, "Don't lose this one, he is really cute, Jared."

Jared looked at Pierre and with the straightest face possible said in French, "Bite me," while laughing. Pierre showed the two men to a booth and left menus with them. Shortly thereafter, he returned with 2 glasses of a red wine.

When Pierre had left, Liam looked at Jared with a mischievous smirk, "So… what did Pierre mean when he said don't let this one get away, he's cute."

Jared was taking a sip from his glass of wine when Liam had asked that question. He started to cough and sputter, dripping some onto the table.

Liam smiled and handed Jared a napkin to wipe himself. "This is the first time I have seen something unexpected catch you off guard, Jared." Liam's blue eyes were twinkling as well as having a slight smirk on his face.

Jared regained his composure and set his glass down and asked, "Parlez-vous Français?"

Liam smiled and answered in perfect Western Canadian French, "Yes I do, as well as couple of other languages."

Jared looked into Liam's eyes for a long moment. "That I didn't know." He looked serious for a moment and started speaking again. "I know losing our patient today was rough for you. It was obvious to me you needed some time to vent your feelings and I thought I would see how you felt by the end of supper after chatting. I'm concerned about you, Liam, both as your partner and your friend. I wasn't expecting Pierre to make the comment he did but I won't lie to you. I'm gay."

Liam's beautiful crystal clear blue eyes were locked on Jared as he quietly said, "Guess neither one of our gaydars were working too well. We must have been to work-focused to notice each other."

Jared looked at him and wanted to be sure by asking, "You're gay too?"

Liam said, "Yes. I came out at 13 to my parents and they were supportive about it. To them, my announcement of being gay was no big deal and along the same level as telling them I was going to play basketball with my buddies down the street." Liam looked in pain for a moment then his radiance returned.

Jared had seen that brief look on Liam's face and made a mental note to pursue the root of that painful look someday.

He looked at Liam and said, "It was about the same age I came out to my grandfather. My parents had abandoned me with him at a very, very young age. Grandfather told me he had always known that I was of two spirits mixed together but he had waited for me to tell him. Grandfather also told me it was not unusual for the best of the healers to be born that way." They were interrupted by Pierre asking them in English if they were ready to order yet.

Liam asked, "May I order for the two of us, Jared?" Jared nodded and smirked. Liam lifted the menu up and started ordering the meal as well as a bottle of wine in perfect French. Pierre blanched and looked at Jared apologetically.

Liam, sat there with a smile on his beautiful face and told Pierre in French, "I don't want to lose this one either," nodding his head towards Jared. "I'll agree with you, he is cute."

Jared spoke up, "Pierre, Liam and I are partners on the ambulance and we came here to talk about a rough day over a good meal. Until the moment you made your comment I had no clue Liam spoke French and neither one of us knew the other was gay. I'd like to thank you for opening that avenue for investigation." Then he added, "But, Pierre, it also has to be said… bite me." They all laughed together.

The meal was fantastic. They two of them chatted and laughed the entire way through dinner. At the end of the meal, Pierre had even brought a serving of Death by Chocolate for them with two spoons. Liam and Jared enjoyed it immensely.

"That desert is going to take a week of workouts and running to get rid of the calories. But, it was worth it don't you think, Liam?" Jared said.

Liam smiled shyly at Jared and said, "I think it was definitely worth it." Pierre came with the bill which Jared grabbed and paid quickly with a large tip.

Liam asked what he owed and Jared said, "My treat." They walked out of the restaurant together into the warm evening air stopping just outside the restaurant.

Jared faced Liam and asked, "Now that we both know we're gay, what do we do about it?"

Liam looked at Jared and replied quietly, "I've had a crush on you since the first time I walked into the ambulance base and saw you. Would it be too awkward for partners to try and date? I mean if you wanted or were even interested in…" he quickly added blushing.

"I've never seen you blush before, Liam, and it looks so cute." Jared was looking at Liam, his left hand reaching over and grasping Liam's right hand gently, holding it. "I think I would like to try dating, and see where it goes. I noticed you the first day you reported for duty as well. I've come to respect you as a person, a skilled professional, a good friend and having one of the best bubble butts I have ever seen covered in underwear." He leaned in and gave Liam a quick kiss on his perfect lips.

Liam smirked, blushed and looked down at their hands. "Wait a minute! You scoped my butt out?" Liam could see Jared smiling at him nodding his head. Liam continued, "By the way, with your looks, your's would look better in tight underwear instead of those boxers you wear. But, they did show your butt off nicely when you bent over. They are so old and threadbare in the ass, they don't leave much to my vivid imagination."

"You were scoping me out in the change room? Pervert!" said Jared laughing. Liam joined in and laughed as well.

"Jared, can we go somewhere to talk some more, and just be… together? I like being with you, and I feel comfortable with you." Liam asked.

Jared looked at Liam and thought for a moment. "My apartment isn't far and I can make some tea for us. We still haven't chatted about the issues you were experiencing this afternoon."

"I would like that."

The two walked along the street, quietly making small talk about how nice the weather was. They started laughing about the people looking like the dogs they were walking. They nearly lost all composure when a woman walked by with the same colour and style of hair as her small dog. Truth be told, the dog looked like a rat with an afro having static electricity problems. The only more hideous styling was its owner, who looked like she had she had a muskrat humping the back of her head. The two guys had to really fight to control themselves until she was out of sight, then they lost it. Once they regained composure, they continued on to the apartment, hand in hand.

As they got into the elevator at Jared's apartment building, Jared looked at Liam and said, "You've gotten very quiet, Liam."

"I don't know what to think about anything, Jared. Those feelings I am having just seem to bust through anything I'm doing and overwhelm me," Liam said.

"We'll take care of that shortly." Jared said as he smiled. The two of them got off the elevator and went to Jared's apartment. After unlocking the door, Jared stepped into the door and made a sweeping motion with his hand exclaiming in a cheesy French accent, "Apres-vous Monsieur". Liam smiled and entered with Jared closing the door behind them. He showed Liam to the kitchen through the living room.

Upon entering the kitchen, Jared turned on the lights, filled the tea kettle and put it on the stove. Liam found a place to sit at the island and watch Jared as he moved around the kitchen. Jared opened a cabinet door and pulled out a reed woven basket full of dried herbs, fruits and berries. Jared picked one bunch up and broke some off. He ground it between his fingers allowing it to fall into a bowl. He did this three 3 more times with different herbs with a few berries.

Liam looked with interest. "What are you doing?" he asked.

Jared continued working with the herbs and replied, "I am making a traditional tea mixing different herbs to help you relax. The herbs are a gift of Mother Earth and when used in different combinations they can help many things. This tea will have a nice flavour as well."

"Where did you buy all that?"

"I gathered and dried it myself. Well, my grandfather and I worked together to gather the medicines, herbs, and sacred plants as well as drying them. Its something we do at different times of the seasons, depending upon the time of year and what is ready to be gathered."


The kettle was boiling by now and Jared turned off the gas burner and poured a little of the hot water into the tea pot. He set the kettle down and grabbed the tea pot, swishing the water around in it before pouring out into the sink. He placed the tea pot onto the counter and poured the herbs into it. Jared filled the tea pot with hot water and put the lid on it and then also grabbed 2 mugs. He walked over to the island in the kitchen and placed the cups as well as the tea pot onto it near the stools under the counter.

He then stepped over to Liam and took hold of both his hands and stood into him. Jared drew Liam into his chest, wrapping his arms around Liam's back in a hug. Liam was tense at first, but began to relax as Jared hugged him and rubbed his back in small circles. Liam began to sob, soaking the front of Jared's shirt. A couple of minutes later, his sobbing slowed and he moved his head to look directly into Jared's eyes. Jared used one hand to reach up and brush the tears away from Liam's perfect face. His eyes were so clear, his strong nose and jaw line, his light blonde five o'clock shadow. Jared reached up and gently placed his hand behind Liam's neck and moved forward to kiss him. Their lips touched gently, such a soft feeling shared between them.

Jared was thinking of how soft Liam's lips were as a feeling of low level waves of electricity flowed from the lips throughout his body.

Unknown to Jared, Liam was feeling the same reaction; he was also asking himself if this was real or was he asleep having a dream. Jared tasted so good to him. After kissing for a moment, they stopped and rested their heads on each other's shoulders while holding each other tight with both sets of eyes closed in contentment.

Standing there together, both of the young men could feel the other's body movement as they breathed; the closeness of the skin also allowed for them to feel the heart beating strongly in each other's body. The two young men were focused on sensations of the other when they realized that they could feel each other's hard manhood rubbing through their pants as well. Jared was afraid of ejaculating right there. He didn't realize Liam was even closer to cumming and was trying to think of anything to make his erection go down; including dead bunnies and his first-grade teacher naked as well as fat old nuns.

Jared stepped back, and the reached for Liam's hands, pulling him to the kitchen island and stools to sit on. Jared got the tea pot and pulled the lid off, stirred the contents and sniffed it. Satisfied, he put the lid back on and poured tea into both cups. He took one cup and put it in front of Liam, who was sitting on a stool again and looking at the ground. Jared sat down and took a sip of his tea.

"You're embarrassed at crying; don't be. It's the best way to shed stress and turmoil," Jared said.

Liam looked up and said quietly, "We're expected to be supermen in this job. We're not to show emotion. We're supposed to keep everything to ourselves and never let anyone know if we are having trouble dealing with it. We're told to suck it up, or be a man, or real men don't need help. I've also heard the staff tell one another it's part of the job, grow a thicker skin, and other shit." Liam was getting upset now, but continued, "They teach us about injuries, medical conditions, drugs and all kinds of things. They convince us we can save everyone because we are paramedics. They spend absolutely no time on how to deal emotionally with the aftermath."

Jared looked at him and replied slowly, "You're absolutely right, Liam. That's why you are here right now, to receive help in dealing with it." Jared took Liam into his arms again.

Liam looked up and said, "I've wanted to be with you for so long, as a friend and more. When you took me in your arms I felt so safe and I couldn't stop the tears from coming out. They just came up from deep within me and burst out."

"I understand. I have the same feeling of safety and comfort when we're together. I have felt like the two of us were natural together, but I never acted on it because I thought you were straight." he admitted.

"We openly talked about everything we could without ever broaching any sexual topic. I also always thought you were straight," replied Liam.

"Drink the tea. You're safe here in my apartment and with me," said Jared.

Liam sipped the tea deeply and set it down. "That's very good."

"It will help relax you as we talk. The tea may make you feel sleepy, but you're safe here. Can you spend the night or do you have somewhere else to be?" Suddenly, when he thought about it, the question wasn't so innocent sounding as Jared had meant it to be.

Liam looked nervous as he replied, "If you think I won't be in the way."

"Never would you be either an inconvenience or would you ever be in the way. Please, drink up. Let the gift from Mother Earth help you," Jared said.

Liam took another drink.

"I also want you to know the question was more about concern for you, Liam, I don't mean anything else by inviting you to stay the night," Jared stuttered.

"That's twice you have stuttered when talking with me tonight," said Liam. "It's cute, buddy." Liam leaned forward and kissed Jared gently on the lips.

They talked about the man who died earlier in the day. Now obvious to Jared, it had not only opened a few issues within Liam, but it had been building up for a while. He also couldn't believe with all the gifts he had been given, he had missed the problems building in his partner and friend.

Jared explained to Liam very calmly, "There are other forces at work here which will prevail in spite of what we do. All people walk along a path throughout their lives. Some paths are long, while others are short. We can't change this. What we can change is when a person who should be walking on their path potentially has their journey shortened by something happening which was unexpected. Or even worse, a pathway which is diverted by other forces or influences. There are influences out there which are constantly trying to alter the path the Creator has chosen for people. We can help some people get back onto the path they should be walking. But sometimes we can't even help those as they have made a conscious choice not to follow their path, and ultimately their choice may lead to death. This is caused by evil ones working another agenda against the Creator. The Creator gave freewill to mankind as a gift, and this gift is a very good and powerful thing. But, the evil ones use the Creator's gift by influencing people through dark spirits; they capture unsuspecting souls and divert them off the chosen pathway of their life. Giving mankind the ability to choose is like a double edged sword with one side offering benefit with the other potentially a detriment. We can only do the best we can with the skills we possess and have been taught to use."

Liam was deep in thought as Jared spoke to him. "I'm beginning to understand your point of view," he said, then continuing, "you make it sound like we as medics are not even needed."

"No Liam, not at all. We are very important as a part of the entire life-saving team. Sometimes a person needs to be repaired for them to continue along their path. The first responders at the scene, the paramedics who arrive, the nurses who meet us at the E.R. and the doctors in the hospital are all part of the chain to treat the injuries. If the damage can be repaired, the person may continue on their path of life. If it cannot be repaired his path was not meant to be and has ended. Everything we do, or have done to us teaches something."

It was obvious to Jared the tea was beginning to relax Liam. The young man's head was beginning to bob a bit as he fought to stay fully alert.

"It is time for you to go to bed," said Jared.

Liam realized he was becoming very drowsy. Jared led him into the bedroom and sat him down on edge of his king-sized bed. Liam was very quiet, and looked up at Jared. Jared said, "No fears when you are with me, Liam. Just sleep peacefully tonight. You need it."

Jared pulled Liam's tight fitting polo shirt over his head. He had raised his hands up in the air to help and fell backwards onto the bed as the shirt was pulled off of him. Jared looked at the beauty of the chest which had been exposed before him. The muscles, erect nipples and light covering of blond hair on the chest led down to the treasure trail. The trail disappeared under the waist line of Liam's pants. Jared enjoyed looking at the defined treasure trail, and anticipated the treasure to which it led. Jared undid Liam's belt and pants and couldn't help but feel Liam's hard cock hidden under the denim. As he brushed against it, the tubular muscle felt both solid and a good size. The 501's on Liam were not skin tight, but they did highlight his package and ass nicely when he wore them. Jared pulled them off as gently as he could, trying not to show he was enjoying it. Jared looked at Liam laying there on his bed. Absolutely stunning! He was so perfectly put together. His underwear was a light green bikini style and it accentuated the ample mound hidden under the material. As Jared was looking at Liam's amply filled underwear, he thought that he may have to buy some of those for himself, as well as some even briefer underwear for Liam.

Jared knew what he wanted to do with Liam, but it wasn't going to happen tonight. Liam must be a willing, consenting and fully conscious participant if anything was going to happen between them. It must be for love, not just a primal release or a quick fuck. He helped Liam up the bed further and packed a pillow under his head. He pulled the comforter up to under Liam's chin, accidentally yet on purpose brushing his nipples as he did so, causing Liam to inhale a quick gasp. Liam's skin was so soft, so warm and beautiful.

He leaned in and kissed him on the mouth gently and said, "Good night partner, my friend, my Liam."

Liam's eyes were closed, but he smiled and mumbled, "Thanks Jared," as he dozed off.

Liam's face was handsome but it looked angelic as he lay there asleep. A wisp of his curly blonde hair had fallen across his forehead and Jared reached for it to brush it off. Jared looked at Liam as he smiled to himself.

Jared got up and went to the bathroom. He had to take care of himself or he would never get to sleep. It didn't take long to stroke himself to an orgasm thinking of that beautiful blonde man in his bed. After cleaning up, Jared climbed into the bed next to Liam. Liam moved slightly, rolling onto his side and putting his arm and head on Jared's chest. Liam went promptly back to sleep. Jared wasn't far behind him in falling asleep. His last thought was the morning. What would happen when they woke up together? He knew Liam had been hard as a rock earlier when they were tightly holding each other. He could hope and dream tonight as Liam held him and hope for the best in the morning.


Later that night, Jared had a vivid dream or a vision. He saw a riverbank near where he had his cabin. Walking along the riverbank was a massive black bear sniffing around some rocks along the edge of the water. In his dream, Jared could hear the cry of a bald eagle in the distance. The eagle was high above the tree tops floating through the air looking down. He turned and began to descend in a circular pattern until the eagle landed on the ground near the bear. The bald eagle and bear looked at each other for a moment. Moving towards the bear slightly, the eagle extended its wing outwards. The bear sat down on its haunches and extended its paw towards the eagle's wing. When they touched, there was a blinding flash of the intensity of an electrical short. When the flash cleared, the bald eagle was sitting on the shoulder of the bear. The bear stood up and walked slowly along the river's edge. The two of them acted as it was not unusual for them to be this way. They approached a structure which Jared recognized as a sweat lodge. Sitting on each side of the sweat lodge entrance were four wolves, two on each side. They were lined up as if they were an honour guard. The bear sat down on his haunches and growled loudly. The wolves got up and calmly walked into the structure. The bear looked at the eagle and they both let lose their growl and cry at the same time. The bear got up and walked into the sweat lodge with the eagle on his shoulder. The dream ended there.


Jared didn't wake up fully, but enough to know he was sweating and he once again was hard as a rock under the covers. Jared reached under to reposition himself when he felt Liam was sweating as well. Liam was still lying on his side, right up against Jared. While Jared adjusted himself, his arm brushed Liam only to feel he wasn't the only one with a massive hard on. Liam must have sensed something because he repositioned himself and moved in as tight as he could to Jared, grinding his pelvis and hard dick into Jared's thigh. As Jared fell back to sleep he come to understand what the dream meant. The Creator had sent him a message. They both slept through the night, dreaming of what they hoped would happen in the morning.

End of chapter Two

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