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March 26, 2019: Sonny Malone has joined the site
Posted by The Story Lover


We have another New Author to the site, please welcome Sonny Malone and his stories.

I am sure that you will enjoy Sonny's stories as much as I have.

Happy reading,


February 27, 2019: A New Author Wayne Gray Ha Joined The Site
Posted by The Story Lover

Wayne Gray who has been awarded the Story Lover' s The Golden Semicolon Award has joined the site with his stories; The Camp Refuge Series, Guarded, Ash and Ember, and his Poem - The Perfect Sin.

So give Wayne's stories a read and who knows you just may find a new favourite author.

As always, please let the authors know that you have read their stories by dropping them an email.


February 26, 2019: A New Author And His Story Have Arrived - Jules Porter
Posted by The Story Lover

Please welcome Jules Porter and his story Let Me Tell You About Bob - The Salvation of a Gay Teen to the site. Jules is an up and coming young new author and this is his first story.

Don't forget to let Jules know what you think about his story by dropping him a short email

Akeentia is alive and well just horribly bogged down with his new job, he is still writing when he has time; I am just helping out a bit.


December 8, 2018: Haven Universe reading order
Posted by Str8mayb

Hi all.  I have posted a list with the order to read the basic Haven stories.  There will be more to come.


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